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ATTOM’s Weather Risk Data

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ATTOM’s Weather Risk Data Mitigates Storm Damage

Weather is woven into the fabric of our lives. It influences everything, from the quality of our food to the value of our homes. Weather is also a major cause of emergency expenditure. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that in 2020, the United States experienced a record 22 weather or climate disasters, each causing at least $1 billion in damages.
Climate events are devastating, but with past knowledge and data, the risks can be mitigated. Everyone—from homeowners to small businesses to governments—have a need for accurate, accessible weather risk data to make crucial business and personal decisions.

Assess Your Risk with ATTOM

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts increasing change in the frequency, intensity, and spatial extent of weather extremes. Communities armed with weather risk data stand a better chance of minimizing the financial and physical damage posed by weather events and climate change.

ATTOM’s weather risk datasets provide information down to the level of individual property addresses or by zip code. ATTOM provides a risk index based on the relative risk of hail, hurricane, tornado, and wind calculated from U.S. Geological Survey research. ATTOM’s climate risk data is an invaluable asset that allows businesses, individuals, governments, and communities to understanding the impact of weather and climate on any location.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Climate & Weather Risk Data?

New Borrowers


Utility companies rely on accurate weather data and predictive analytics to prepare for severe weather events and to ensure critical services, such as power and water, are quickly restored in the aftermath.
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Construction Developer

Construction companies can better plan projects when they understand the implication of weather delays due to excessive rain, snow, hail, or wind.
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Distressed Property Owners

Home Services

Businesses gain a competitive advantage from accurate weather index data. Analytics can predict consumer behavior, supply chain dynamics, and workforce needs.
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New Borrowers


Insurance companies use weather risk index data to plan reinsurance and to protect themselves from large financial losses.
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Vacation Rentals

Weather is a primary factor when people are planning vacations. Vacation rental portals can better serve clients by providing accurate weather and climate information.
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Distressed Property Owners


Local government and researchers tap into weather index data to determine policy and community development decisions based on climate and weather events.
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