ATTOM’s Earthquake Hazard Data

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ATTOM’s Earthquake Risk Data Ensures Safer Decisions

It’s not just investors or property owners who need to be aware of the likelihood of an earthquake or other catastrophic events. ATTOM’s earthquake data serves businesses, institutions, insurers, developers, home service providers, and governments. In areas subject to earthquakes, and in the surrounding areas, communities need access to these datasets to make informed life and business decisions.

Earthquake Hazard Data

Our earthquake data is sourced from the United States Geological Survey. The latest machine learning techniques, based on events over the past 90 years, provide reliable and accurate analytics, seismic maps, and statistics. ATTOM distills these datasets and delivers meaningful information to platforms and clients nationwide. Hazard risk data benefits both business and personal decisions.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Earthquake Risk Data?

New Borrowers

Construction Developers

Developers particularly need detailed earthquake data to determine fault lines and surrounding areas that might be subject to landslides or flooding as a result of a quake.
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New Borrowers


ATTOM’s earthquake data is crucial for reinsurance planning and risk assessment so that communities can recover from catastrophes.
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Real Estate

Homebuyers and investors may be subject to high insurance costs depending on the location of a property. ATTOM’s earthquake data shows the hazards of an area with pinpoint accuracy.
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Distressed Property Owners


Risk assessors need earthquake risk data to determine whether hazard insurance is required for homebuyers. Some areas have earthquake hazard disclosure requirements for sellers of residential real estate.
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Distressed Property Owners


Quake risk extends beyond the
well-known seismic zones of the
far western states. Government initiatives depend on hazard analytics to determine the needs of local communities and the prospects for local investment.
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Technology and Data Platforms

Platforms serve visitors and subscribers by facilitating superior risk assessment and providing the latest and most valuable datasets in an accessible digital format.
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A Variety of Solutions for Your Data Needs

ATTOM can deliver your data in a number of ways including:




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