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Manage Client Expectations with Data-Driven Information

Property values are crucial to pleading winning cases if you are a tax grievance consultant. An inaccurate assessment could ruin the outcome of a case and your reputation. Determining whether a property is over-assessed or under-assessed involves considering many factors—listed and unlisted comps, location, neighborhoods, schools, local points of interest—and the best appraisers spend hours digging into data.

GeoData Plus property reports, powered by ATTOM, consider more data points than other real estate comps software, and help to identify sold, listed, and unlisted comparables on the market to deliver accurate valuations. GeoData Plus property reports compile all the data you need to answer clients’ questions in one easy-to-read property report.

  • Tax grievance consultants can target more homeowners eligible for assessment reductions.
  • Get the correct value with easy-to-use valuation tools.
  • Defend your value with a market analysis professionally presented.
  • Close more cases and satisfy more clients with GeoData Plus property reports.

2 Options Available


For national tax agencies doing multi-regional and/or national property research.


For local tax professionals needing county-level or state specific property data.

Boost Your Business and Reputation

With a powerful real estate comp tool that expedites valuations, you can find and target overly assessed properties and increase your coverage. You’ll find more cases to settle and boost your reputation.

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Some tax grievance professionals rely on data sources that aren’t used for an appraisal. So why would they work for an assessment? Even traditional listings ignore unlisted comps in the market. The simple but powerful real estate comps analysis used for GeoData Plus property reports helps you identify the best sold and listed comps on any property. And not only does this help you determine property values, it helps you defend them.
With a few clicks, you have a professional, presentation-ready market analysis with market-driven adjustments (or your own adjustments) that produce a value that is easy to explain and defend to even the toughest hearing office.

You also have access to multiple automated valuation models (AVMs) from some of the leading providers in the country so that you can be sure your property values are reliable.

How Tax Grievance Professionals Can Use GeoData Plus Property Reports

Make property report valuations your secret weapon for winning more business near you.

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Find Under-Assessed Properties Effortlessly

Scan assessor data on 150 million+ residential and commercial properties and create a property report within minutes.

Expand Your Marketing

Search for properties by assessed value, most recent sale, property type, building characteristics, and more. Identify leads to jump-start your prospecting.

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Automate Your Valuation Process with Our Integration-Friendly Platforms

GeoData Plus integrates with Property Case Manager, one of the leading tax grievance CRMs. We also have responsive and flexible API solutions so you can integrate tools with any CRM or platform you work with.

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Close More Cases in Less Time

A streamlined process means you can get back to clients quicker and handle more cases throughout the day.

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Consolidate All Your Data in One Property Report

Put together a thorough and defensible market analysis in minutes.

Get Your Property Reports Today!


For national tax agencies doing multi-regional and/or national property research.


For local tax professionals needing county-level or state specific property data.

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