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Property Reports for Mortgage Lenders

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Manage Client Expectations with Data-Driven Information

Mortgage lenders conduct in-depth analyses on borrowers to make sure they qualify for a loan. But risk assessments also require in-depth analyses on the property being acquired or financed. Property reports from Property Navigator, provide all the data loan originators need to perform real estate comps analysis and deliver competitive loans to clients.

Property Navigator is a tool that mortgage lenders can use to ensure that appraisals are accurate and their loan terms are in the best interest of both the client and lender. Unlike other real estate comp calculators, Property Navigator include sales not found in traditional property listings and includes them in the comps for appraisals.

Property reports from Property Navigator are tailored to mortgage lenders’ needs – a streamlined, data-driven approach that ensures the best loans based on the most accurate appraisals.

Avoid Appraisal Surprises with Comprehensive Property Reports

The value of a property underpins the quality of a loan. Anyone can use free valuation tools to estimate a loan to value ratio prior to an appraisal, but doing so often sets unrealistic expectations. Determining a realistic value for borrowers is complicated because there are so many factors to consider—listed and unlisted comps, location, neighborhoods, schools, and local points of interest. Effective valuation models dig deep into the data.

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For the mortgage lender who wants to dig deeper, there is a simple but powerful real estate comp tool to identify the best sold and listed comparables on the market. If you need a quick valuation, multiple automated valuation models (AVMs) are available with just a few clicks:

  • Find all the data points you need in one property appraisal.
  • Quickly confirm the accuracy of the appraisals you’re receiving.
  • Get an accurate overview of the market with better comparables.
  • Optimize your appraisal review process.

Eliminate doubts and develop greater confidence in the appraisals you’re receiving with the most comprehensive property reports.

How Mortgage Lenders Can Use Property Navigator

Stop wasting time on loans that are not going to close due to appraisal challenges. Join hundreds of mortgage lenders who rely on Property Navigator’s property data along with its comparable searching tools. Use the same tools that appraisers use now, so you can avoid valuation problems later on.


Calculate Accurate and Fast Loan to Value Ratios

Use real estate comps software to calculate loan to value ratios based on every comp in or out of real estate property listings.


Be Confident in Your Lending

Use a real estate comps generator with better comparables to accurately assess the market, eliminate doubts, and develop greater confidence in the appraisals you receive.


Find Outstanding Mortgages

Determine if there is equity in a home and whether it could be a refinance opportunity.

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Avoid Lending Headaches

Check for existing mortgages on properties or other encumbrances.

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Ensure Clarity with Title Holders

Use Property Navigator data to clarify that the parties are who they say they are on the contract.

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