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Property Reports for Government

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Research and Policy Data from One Reliable Source

Property reports from Property Navigator, have served as a reliable source for the private sector for over twenty years. Appraisers, real estate professionals, brokers, and investors rely on the accuracy and reliability of our information. Governments too should have the most accurate, in-depth, and iron-clad property assessment for research and policy making.

Property Navigator property report for government collect everything from public record assessor data and recorded transactions to other valuable property data from multiple public and private data sources. It’s like having your own research analyst on call with access to the most in-depth property data available.

Our property reports typically include over 300 points of information, including photographs of the property from multiple data sources, ownership, legal description, current taxes and assessments, census tract, occupancy, lot/building details, land use, zoning, flood zone, sales/financing, listing and foreclosures, and many more property characteristics.

Our property reports help governments:

  • Find all the data points you need in one property appraisal.
  • Quickly confirm the accuracy of the appraisals you’re receiving.
  • Get an accurate overview of the market with better comparables.
  • Optimize your appraisal review process
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Property Navigator Offers Presentation-Ready Market Analysis

Property Navigator property reports are comprised of property data that covers 150 million properties all over the United States, residential and commercial. We can include 300 data points in one easy-to-read property report for your research and policy-making purposes.

We also offer a do-it-yourself valuation option using real estate comps software and a nationwide database of pre-foreclosures, auctions, and bank-owned properties.

With a few clicks, you have a professional, presentation-ready real estate comps analysis with market-driven adjustments (or your own adjustments) that produce accurate and realistic property values. You also have access to multiple automated valuation models (AVMs) from some of the leading providers in the country.

How Government Can Use Property Navigator

Stop wasting time on loans that are not going to close due to appraisal challenges. Join hundreds of government agencies and organizations who rely on Property Navigator property reports along with its comparable searching tools. Use the same tools that appraisers use now, so you can avoid valuation problems later on.

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Research Analysis

Using Property Navigator is like having your own research team on call at all times. Instantly find the data you need to create presentation-ready reports.

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Consolidated Data

All your data needs are in one place. Find your data and create professional reports on one platform.

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Instant Market Analysis

Identify real estate and property market trends with our real estate comp tool in minutes.


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Access the most up-to-date and comprehensive data on the market.

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