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What is ATTOM Cloud?

ATTOM Cloud is the fastest way to access curated property data that is: matched to your needs; easy to understand; convenient to use; and requires no additional hardware.

What are the benefits of using ATTOM Cloud?

Immediate: On average it takes two minutes to complete the registration process and begin accessing data from ATTOM Cloud
Comprehensive: ATTOM offers the most comprehensive portfolio of property data available, with most of it now available in the cloud.
Flexible: Only pay for what you need. The data made available to you via ATTOM Cloud can be customized to match the specific datasets and geographies your company needs. We also offer a choice between direct (SQL) and API access.
Simple: All your property data needs are consolidated into a single database that can be accessed from your own software using a single set of credentials and a consistent set of access methods.
Convenient: All our property-centric data such as property characteristics, building permits, and sales transactions are assigned our own ATTOM ID, making it a simple task to match data

How does ATTOM Cloud work?

ATTOM collects a lot of property data directly as well as through various sources to assemble the largest available online portfolio of property data. ATTOM Cloud consolidates this into a single database that is made available on Microsoft Azure for each customer. Our data is updated daily, ensuring at any time your company’s projects have access to the latest and most comprehensive property data available.

You have the choice of using a shared instance of ATTOM Cloud, or to have one dedicated to the specific needs of your company. With a dedicated instance you also have the option of uploading your own data to be integrated with ATTOM’s property data.

The ATTOM Cloud web site provides all the information needed to get the most out of ATTOM Cloud. This includes details on how to connect your software to our data, user guides, data guides, a data catalog, coverage reports, and even an API Key that can be used to access our REST API.

How is ATTOM Cloud available?

Your ATTOM Cloud database will reside on an instance of Microsoft Azure. If this does not meet the specific needs of your project, options exist to export and synchronize the data between your Azure and:

  • Another instance of Azure;
  • Another cloud platform such as AWS;
  • A data warehouse such as Snowflake or BigQuery;
  • You own on-premise relational database server such as SQL Server or Oracle

What kind of data does ATTOM Cloud offer?

ATTOM Cloud provides data for over 155 million commercial, residential, and vacant properties. The data we collect includes standardized addresses, property characteristics, building permits, current ownership, assed values, tax history, valuations, sales, transfers, loans, and pre-foreclosures.

Our property data is enhanced with additional data about the areas that surround a property. This includes demographics, crime statistics, air quality, transportation noise, hazards, flood zones, schools, points of interest, and the impact of climate change.

What can ATTOM Cloud be used for?

ATTOM Cloud is a versatile solution that can be used for many needs. Real estate brokerages can leverage it to enhance their listing portal or monitor industry trends, and insurance agencies often use it in risk assessment and underwriting. Many mortgage lenders also see benefit from ATTOM Cloud, leveraging it to assess market risk, identify possible refinance candidates, and more.

Our cloud data can also be used for many other analytics and marketing needs across industries and sectors, including technology, government, legal, and education.

Is ATTOM Cloud the same as DaaS?

Yes, ATTOM Cloud can be viewed as a product that implements the concepts (and benefits) found in Data as a Service (DaaS). Your partners at ATTOM help take the worry out of maintaining a large property database. When you purchase ATTOM Cloud you are engaging a large team of data scientists and data quality engineers whose sole job it is to ensure your property database is continually updated with the latest data; data integrity issues are investigated; and new sources of property data are being researched and provisioned for use.

What is Cloud API?

The data needs for many projects may be better suited to delivery using API calls. For property data, it doesn’t always make sense for a company to bring large volumes of property data in-house and then develop an internal API to access that data. The costs of maintaining those APIs and keeping them synchronized with changes to the database can easily become a drain on operating budgets. Companies often find it convenient and cost-effective to consume property data via APIs from a cloud-based API service. ATTOM has built a comprehensive library of property endpoints as an alternative way to access the property data held in ATTOM Cloud.

How can I get started?

If you’re interested in exploring the ATTOM Cloud data solution, you can sign up for a free, 30-day trial. In this trial, you’ll get instant access to ATTOM’s nationwide property data and can begin running queries immediately. You can also view our user guide, data guide, data dictionary, and coverage reports and will receive a limited trial of our comprehensive property reports as well.

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