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As an appraiser, you need access to real-time, extensive property data in order to estimate a property’s value and provide more accurate valuations and appraisals. At ATTOM, we offer appraisers instant access to extensive assessor data on the housing market. Read on to find out how this data can help you when delivering property valuations and reports.

Why Use Assessor Data for Appraisals and Valuations

As an appraiser, the quality of your information impacts the accuracy of your valuations and appraisals. In order to reliably calculate a property’s value, you need access to extensive, real-time data on properties and the local market.

You can integrate real-time assessor data with your current systems and processes to help improve the accuracy of your appraisals and valuations. Many of our clients in the sector use our unique, reliable assessor data to help provide faster and more reliable results.

ATTOM’s Comprehensive Assessor Data

With a reputation as a market leader in the real estate data industry, we seek to provide assessor data that’s comprehensive, reliable and exhaustive and easy to access for appraisers.

At ATTOM, we provide assessor data for more than 155 million properties and their valuations in over 3,000 counties nationwide. This data gives you access to publicly available information that has been collected by county tax assessor offices. This data offers information that includes:

  1. Property identification
  2. Property and owner mailing addresses
  3. Ownership (including homeowners, ownership rights and individual, trust and company identifiers)
  4. Values and taxes (including tax amount, assessed and appraised market values)
  5. Property characteristics (including number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, lot details, and interior and exterior features)
  6. Legal description

We also offer property assessed value data. Depending on the county, a country assessor may provide real estate assessed values, or market values — with the intention to calculate the annual property taxes due from each property owner. The assessed value is a percentage of this calculated value that typically weighs up various factors like square footage, property characteristics, property values in the area, and market conditions.

We provide property assessed value data for over 430 million transactions across more than 3,140 counties around the U.S. Our assessor data uncovers trends in capital flows, pricing, and asset acquisitions to help you target new business across the sector, from lenders to investors.

Our assessor data also helps highlight the most relevant sales comparable based on millions of data points on the local market. With this knowledge, appraisers can target investors, brokers, developers, and lenders looking for dependable appraisal services.

Assessor Data Delivery Options for Property Appraisals and Valuations

We offer a number of solutions for assessor data delivery for appraisals — helping to give you fast and easy access to the extensive property data you need in a format that supports your valuations. Some of our most popular options include bulk data delivery, the ATTOM API, and the ATTOM Cloud.

With the ATTOM Cloud, you can get immediate access to the assessor datasets you need. Currently, the ATTOM Cloud offers you the fastest way to access our extensive real-time assessor data with any application of your choice. This makes the ATTOM Cloud one of the best choices if you need immediate access to reliable data in real time, without the need for any additional hardware or on-site infrastructure.

Our bulk data solution gives you the ability to obtain large amounts of our real estate data as and when you need them. This data is delivered via csv. files — giving you easy access to the information you require. You can choose when this information is delivered, these deliveries run weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Our bulk data delivery is a great choice if you don’t have the on-site infrastructure in place to integrate data with our API.

You can also choose our real estate API. Our API a self-serving platform that offers instant access our data in real time. You can integrate our API with your website or any other application you use. Our API supports both JSON and XML formats running REST conventions — giving you access to our entire real estate data warehouse.

Get Accurate Property Data for Evaluations and Appraisals with ATTOM

Accurate, real-time assessor data can be an integral solution for helping you to deliver timely and accurate appraisals and evaluations as an appraiser. As one of the leading real estate data providers on the market, we offer you high-quality, real-time data on millions of properties across the U.S. In addition to the quality and accuracy of our assessor data, our data delivery solutions are highly accessible and flexible — giving you several ways to access the data you need as and when you need it.

Want to find out more about our assessor data and how we can support you in easily accessing it for your valuations and appraisals? Just get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs and find out more.

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