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How to Find and Convert New Business Insurance Leads with ATTOM’s Points of Interest Data

Do you specialize in providing insurance coverage for businesses? Studies show that a few years ago, 27 million working-age Americans owned their own business and this figure is set to rise. From liability insurance to business property insurance – every year, more and more businesses in need of insurance are arising across the U.S..

But how can you keep track of the quick-speed rise of U.S. businesses and transform rising entrepreneurs into business insurance leads? In this post, we show you how you can use ATTOM’s points of interest data to identify new prospects and personalize your marketing campaigns to improve your conversion rates and command a higher ROI.

Millions of Insurance Prospects at Your Finger Tips with ATTOM’s Points of Interest Data

Wave goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets, business directories, and drawn-out Google searches. The hunt for new prospects doesn’t have to be a drain on your time, money, and productivity levels. Our point of interest database can help you quickly and easily find new prospects to target. Our POI data, delivered through our property data API, covers 99% of the U.S. population – delivering one of the most comprehensive data-rich overviews of properties and businesses across America.

With ATTOM’s Points of Interest (POI) data you can unearth details about millions of businesses across the U.S.. This data covers 14 distinct categories, providing you with access to contact details and other business information that can help you personalize your pitch and win new insurance clients. Our POI data includes information on businesses in the personal services industry, retail, pet services, hospitality, and more. 

Our POI data provides you with information on:

  • Contact details of the property owner
  • Address and the latitude and longitude
  • Distance from the search location
  • Information on the franchise

This data can not only be used to find new businesses to target in your insurance marketing outreach efforts, it can also be used to personalize your marketing materials to convert a higher number of prospects.

For example, you can use basic personal information – such as a business owners name, to personalize direct mail or email marketing campaigns. Such basic personalization has a direct impact on a prospect’s purchasing decisions, a report from Accenture, found that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from businesses that recognizes them by name.

Step Up Your Marketing Personalization Game with Data-Driven Insights

Despite the proven effectiveness of using prospects’ names in marketing campaigns, the majority of consumers now expect insurers and other service providers to go beyond the basic forms of personalization. Access to comprehensive data on local businesses enables you to gain deeper insights into your target customer base, allowing you to refine your marketing materials so that they speak to your customers on a more personal level.

For example, you can also use our POI data to find detailed franchise information to gain insights into the business and offer advice on how they can tackle certain business issues to showcase your expertise and the value you can provide their business.

Additionally, franchise information allows you to immediately personalize recommendations on the types of insurance that would best meet a business owner’s needs – for example, you may recommend commercial auto insurance for larger franchises with a growing number of commercial vehicles.

In addition, the breath of POI data can help you gain actionable insights into the market in certain locations. Is local retail experiencing a downturn? Has there been a rise in local eateries in the area? Our points of interest map enables you to gain a clear, birds-eye view of the current state of the commercial markets in your target location.

You can turn this knowledge into personalized advice, such as advice on local laws or how the trends of their local market may impact them. Moreover, you can also repurpose your data-driven insights into materials that local business owners will find useful – such as market reports or a short guide to the business laws of their town, city, or state. Providing this type of value quickly builds trust with your prospects and demonstrates that you’re invested in their success.

Convert More Insurance Prospects with ATTOM

Finding new business insurance prospects doesn’t need to consume hours of your work day, our Property Data API solution provides you with direct access to up-to-date Points of Interest data on millions of U.S. businesses. In addition, our POI data enables you to out-perform your competitors with data-driven insights on local businesses that can be repurposed into rapport-building advice and value-driven content.

Curious to find out more about our POI data and property data API or big data and insurance? Contact a member of our expert property data team here.


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