In honor of Memorial Day and remembering those who have served and are currently serving, ATTOM Data thought it may be interesting to see the top Veteran Affair (VA) lenders in the nation who are making it easier for our veterans to get financing to purchase a home. No surprise to see Veteran United Home lender as one of the top VA loan lender in 2017, with a total of 26,265 VA loans, followed by USAA with 26,002 VA loans but the one that may stick out the most is Quicken Loans with 25,858 VA loans. See below for a list of the Top 10 VA lenders in 2017:

Lender Name – VA Loans  Purchase  Refi  Grand Total
Veteran United Home Total                 21,455       4,810                    26,265
USAA Total                 17,036       8,966                    26,002
Quicken Total                   6,459    19,399                    25,858
Navy FCU Total                 12,736       7,028                    19,764
Loan Depot Total                   2,251    15,053                    17,304
Freedom Mortgage Total                   1,276    13,827                    15,103
Caliber Total                   4,445       2,948                     7,393
New Day Total                       347       5,701                      6,048
Fairway Total                   4,979       1,037                      6,016
PennyMac Total                       256       5,332                      5,588

While the share of VA loans may not be at an all-time high, we are seeing a strong progression since 2006, when the share of VA loans was at an all-time low with 0.6 percent of all loans backed by the VA. In fact, 2016 saw the largest share of VA loans with 7.3 percent total loans being VA loans, which is only down slightly in 2017 with 6.6 percent of total loans originating from the VA.

  Total Loan Origination Share
Year Veterans Administration Loan
2006 0.6%
2007 0.7%
2008 1.7%
2009 3.1%
2010 3.2%
2011 4.1%
2012 4.7%
2013 4.7%
2014 5.7%
2015 6.2%
2016 7.3%
2017 6.6%

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