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ATTOM Data Solutions is set to release its Year-End 2018 Home Sales Report next week, but before we do, we wanted to give you a teaser on home seller gains in those 20 markets covered by Case-Shiller.

Nationally, homeowners who sold in Q4 2018 sold for an average of $54,500 more than their original purchase price, a slight decline from last quarter a jump from last year. The $54,500 average home seller price gain in Q4 2018 represented an average 30.2 percent return on the original purchase price, down slightly from an average 30.4 percent return in the previous quarter but up from an average 25.6 percent return in Q4 2017. For a detailed home sales data analysis, click here.

Among those 20 markets, San Francisco saw the greatest seller gains in Q4 2018, selling for an average of $361,125 more than their original purchase price. However, that gain is down from last quarter but still up from last year. Following San Francisco with having the highest dollar amount in seller gains is another California market – Los Angeles, CA. There home sellers saw a dollar gain of $221,750, which is down 6 percent from last quarter but up 6 percent annually.

The only two markets within those 20 to see a quarterly and an annually increase of seller gains included New York with a 5 percent dollar gain from last quarter and a 31 percent annual gain and Washington DC with a .1 percent dollar gain from last quarter but a 30 percent annual gain.


Curious as to know which market saw an annual gain over 50 percent? Keep in mind this market is down from last quarter. So, that means people are getting some bang for their buck! To find out, contact us.


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