As a real estate investor, how do you predict which properties are most likely to provide a strong return on investment? You may use a range of resources in your work to help you calculate which properties will be the most profitable, from the MLS to your connections with local real estate agents.

Another brilliant tool to include in your analysis is a real estate application program interface (also known as an API). A real estate API is a solution that enables applications to interact with one another. A real estate API can help you quickly gather and analyze a range of property data: enabling you to efficiently compare several properties to find the right one to add to your investment portfolio.

In the post, we explore how you can use a real estate data API to help make smarter property investment decisions.

Why Use a Real Estate API as a Real Estate Investor

A real estate API draws on a host of property data from multiple sources. An API provides you with a detailed and thorough look at properties across the U.S.. Real estate APIs can help you access and pool together a range of property data that’s key to more accurate calculations.

In addition, APIs can undertake this quickly and efficiently – saving you hours on your own research, locating the correct data and poring through it to find the information you need to adequately analyze potential investments.

With a real estate API, you can compare several different properties based on property characteristics, the local neighborhood and points of interest – including schools, retail facilities, and restaurants, local rental yields, local property prices, forecloses, and more.

The Benefits of ATTOM’s Property API

ATTOM’s API provides one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market – ingesting the most real estate data in the industry. Our offering delivers data on more than 155 million U.S. properties and covers 99% of the American population.

In addition, ATTOM’s API supports both XML and JSON formats, running REST conventions. You can use ATTOM’s API to perform on-demand and ad-hoc requests for analyzing individual properties.

Make Better Investment Decisions with a Real Estate Data API

A real estate API offers several powerful benefits to real estate investors looking to quickly and accurately analyze a range of properties on the property market. With a property API, you can get in-depth insights into hundreds of properties across the USA.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the underlying real estate market trends data referenced in this article or if you would like access to the data via our various solutions, such as, ATTOM Cloud, Bulk Data, Real Estate API or Property Reports.

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