Best Property Data Providers in the U.S.

Property information is all around us. And, yet, businesses that rely on real estate data often struggle to vet its accuracy, streamline it and convert it into actionable insights. Because of the inherent challenges of dissecting and analyzing large troves of data, real estate brokers, mortgage officers, insurance carriers, government agencies and more turn to data providers, many of whom offer proprietary technologies and solutions. Here are some of the biggest, most trusted property data providers in the U.S.

ATTOM Data Solutions

Covering more than 155 million residential and commercial properties across the U.S., ATTOM Data Solutions has a comprehensive suite of proprietary, analytics-ready property data, with flexible delivery solutions. Sourcing information from more than 3,000 U.S. counties, ATTOM provides property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, natural hazards and environmental risks as well as neighborhood data. ATTOM’s ability to deliver robust real estate data and functional solutions that are foundational for companies innovating within the real estate, mortgage, marketing, insurance and other various industries, has proven crucial in today’s climate.


Corelogic offers data analytics and technologies that deliver leads, provide underwriting and valuation intelligence and gauge portfolio risks and natural hazards. The publicly traded company also provides rental property solutions that assist landlords and property managers in screening applicants and signing leases, among other activities. With offices in Irvine, California and Irving, Texas, Corelogic caters to real estate professionals, mortgage and insurance officers as well as government agencies.

Black Knight

According to Black Knight’s website, its loan database includes about 150 million first mortgages, while its property repository blankets 99.9% of the U.S. population. In addition to property data, the Jacksonville, Florida-based firm also offers proprietary models and software that helps property professionals analyze mortgage performance, manage loan portfolios and comply with government regulations. Black Knight has also developed a mortgage artificial intelligence tool, dubbed AIVA, which can perform tasks such as income, asset and insurance verifications during the loan origination process.

Melissa Data

Founded in the 1980s, Melissa Data specializes in identity verification and data quality enhancements. Headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, the firm holds real estate data on more than 140 million properties in the U.S., according to its website. Its database provides information on both the property and the homeowner. Melissa offers property-specific parcel, building and valuation data. The firm also identifies natural hazards such as flood, fire, earthquake and tsunami risks associated with millions of addresses.


Developed by title insurance and settlement services provider First American, DataTree is a repository of data on parcels, property ownership, homeowner associations, involuntary liens as well as mortgages and foreclosures, among other insights. The company harbors property data on the entirety of U.S. homes, supplemented by 7 billion searchable recorded document images and interactive maps, according to DataTree’s website. Operating out of Santa Ana, California, the firm bills itself as a comprehensive property-data provider that enables lenders originate, execute and service home loans.


Established in 2014, Estated provides parcel and building information, valuations, deed and tax assessments as well as homeownership history for some 140 million properties across the U.S. The company serves the real estate, mortgage and insurance industries as well as home services professionals such as contractors. Aside from its own property data API, Estated offers data exporting options.

As more real estate businesses seek increasingly sophisticated data to draw actionable insights, the role of property data providers is only to grow. Not all data providers, however, are made equal. The ones outlined here lead the industry with their vast repositories of information and tools to interpret what is important to their clients.

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