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Property ownership data is essential information for a range of professionals across different industries. In this post, we explore the purpose and value of property ownership data and the best way to undertake a property owner search. Let’s take a look!

What is Property Ownership Data?

Let’s cover the basics — property ownership data provides a holistic look at the history of property ownership. You can use property ownership data to find information on who owns a property — whether that’s a couple or a company. As a real estate professional, home insurer, or property investor — property ownership data is key for helping to verify who owns a property.

While you can find this information by accessing public records — this can be a time-consuming and sometimes difficult task. A property owner lookup is far simpler when you have access to a property owners database.

The Value of Property Ownership Data

As we highlight above, property ownership data is important for verifying the owners of a property for a number of professionals across different industries.

Property ownership data has several important uses. Real estate brokers and agents can use property ownership data to verify home ownership details. In addition, as a broker or agent, you can also use property ownership details to access to identify new leads and verify details for potential property buyers and sellers. For example, you may create a property owner list of leads to target based on how long they’ve owned the property.

While investors typically use property ownership data to confirm ownership information and assess the potential value of a home more accurately. In addition, home insurers can utilize property ownership details to help verify who owns a property and to help more easily identify potential risks.

Undertake a Property Owner Search

You can use the ATTOM to find accurate property ownership data. Our data covers every aspect of relevant property owner information. For example, you can conduct a real estate ownership search on who owns the property — such as whether it is owned by an individual, a couple, a group of people, or by a company.

With a property owner search, you can find information on over 155 million properties all over the U.S. Our data provides information on over 99% of the population. With our Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP), we go through over 20 steps to validate, standardize and enhance our real estate and property owners database — including property address standardization, owner name parsing, ATTOM ID matching, data governance and more

Find Property Ownership Data with ATTOM

Property ownership data is key for verifying home ownership. While such information is accessible via public records, you can find accurate property ownership data quickly and efficiently with a real estate and property ownership database.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our property ownership data, please get in touch with us here.

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