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Whether you’re looking to get new insights into the value of a rental property or understand the value of a home, property valuations data is invaluable for many businesses both inside and outside of the real estate industry. In addition, real estate AVMs can provide property value calculations. In this post, we explore property valuation data and take a look at the ATTOM AVM in more detail.

Property Valuations Data

Property valuations data can be used to help guide business decisions, help one better understand the value of a rental property, or help sellers get an insight into how much they could potentially sell their home for. From assessor tax values to comparable sales data, property valuations data can be invaluable for several use cases:

  1. Real estate agents can gain deeper insights into property history, estimated sales and prices.
  2. Insurers can use diverse valuations data to help assess risk.
  3. Investors can use valuations data to help gain insights into prospective investment properties.

What is a Real Estate AVM and What are Some of its Uses?

An AVM stands for an Automated Valuation Model. A real estate AVM provides property value calculations powered by algorithms and real estate data. In addition, investors can combine property valuation data, such as assessor tax values and comparable sales, with local neighborhood, and crime data to get deeper insights into properties.

A real estate AVM is key for helping to generate more traffic and leads for estate agents and real estate portals. An AVM can be used to power online valuation tools that provide accurate property estimates and collect visitor data for lead nurturing. Your site visitors can get property price estimates in exchange for their contact information — allowing you to generate more engagement and nurture leads who may be interesting in selling their property.

In addition, real estate investors also use real estate AMVs to compare real estate comps and help determine property value estimates at the early stage of the property valuation process.

ATTOM’s Lender Grade Real Estate AVM

Our valuation software has been developed by Automated Valuation Model Analytics — providing lender-grade results. The majority of property AVMs on the market either offer lender-grade results at a higher price or are more affordable for consumers. However, ATTOM aims to deliver lender-grade property valuations at a competitive rate.

Our unique real estate AVM is highly targeted and gives you access to extensive data. With our AVM, you can:

  • Add a minimum of 15 properties for your comparison and receive estimates based on as many as 100 properties.
  • Benefit from a solution that makes use of several Real Estate AVM models, matching the model to your chosen geographical location.
  • Get valuation insights on single-family homes, small multi-family complexes (of up to four units), and condominiums.
  • Get targeted calculations that aren’t based on multi-million-dollar homes, large rental properties with multiple units, mobile homes, and farms and their surrounding land.
  • Better rely on a tool that is tested for accuracy by comparing three-month sale prices with our generated real estate valuations.

With exhaustive coverage of over 99% of the U.S. population, we can offer our property automated valuations model at an affordable rate.

ATTOM’s Rental AVM

Looking to invest in a rental property or need rental AVM reports for your brokerage? If you’re looking to find out more about monthly rental values for residential properties, you can use our rental AVM. With ATTOM’s rental AVM, you can compare more than 72 million single-family residences across the U.S.

Use our rental AVM to find out the estimates for monthly rental values tied to a particular property. You can use the ATTOM rental AVM to access both high and low monthly rental estimates. With ATTOM, you can get automated rental estimates each month to help support future business decisions for you or your clients.

This valuation data is based on a wide range of factors — including property characteristics data, the local neighborhood, historical rents, current market conditions, local crime rates, local school rankings, and a property’s location in relation to points of interest.

A Look at ATTOM’s Comprehensive Property Valuation Data

With ATTOM, you can access real estate data on over 80 million homes, situated in all 50 states, and covering 99% of the American population. Our multi-sourced, enhanced national warehouse is one of the most exhaustive sources of real estate data available on the market, including:

  • Over 70 billion rows of real estate data
  • 30TB warehouse
  • 9,000 data fields
  • 99% coverage of the U.S. population

Thanks to the Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP), our real estate data has undergone over 20 steps of data validation, standardization, and enhancement.

With flexible data delivery, you can also access the property valuation data you need via a range of solutions, including the ATTOM Cloud, our real estate data API, bulk data licensing, Market Trends, and match and append.

Help Power your Business with ATTOM

From real estate agents looking to gain insights into residential properties to investors interested in the investment potential of a particular neighborhood, property valuations data is invaluable for a wide range of use cases across the sectors.

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