As an insurance company or insurance professional, technology can help you save costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention rates, and improve business efficiencies.

Each of the leading insurance companies use a range of tech tools to help improve their business – but which ones are the best? Are you using the right software and tools to meet your KPIs? In this post, we explore the best insurance software available for meeting your business objectives.


Every insurance agency needs a great customer relationship management tool (or CRM) to effectively organize data on customers and policies.

Zoho is a strong choice for every size of insurance company. Zoho can help you effectively manage documentation, simplify form customization, integrate customer data with social media platforms for streamlined marketing and customer management campaigns, automate tasks to staff, access in-depth data analytics on your customer segments, and simplify finances.

One of the main benefits of Zoho is the customizable feature that allows you to tailor the platform to your needs. For example, you can set-up standardized processes for staff and ensure the team follows the correct protocols by creating tick-off checklists and automating claims assignment. Moreover, you can also customize the system to allow for multiple policy management on the same platform – simplifying your team’s day-to-day tasks.

Applied Epic

Applied Epic helps insurance providers, agents, and brokers, exchange of insurance data. The integrated capabilities available with Applied Epic enable you to manage all of your key processes from a single database – from P&C to sales – eradicating the need for a costly array of disparate systems.

Agents can use the dashboard to monitor sales and derive actionable insights from client history. In addition, agents also have easy access to client’s contact information and can communicate with them via the omnichannel customer service capabilities on the platform.


If you’ve been in the insurance industry for any number of years, then you’ve likely heard of HawkSoft. HawkSoft is a cloud-based insurance agency management system that can help streamline everyday insurance processes and act as a customer management software. You can use both desktop or mobile to access documents, policy and client information, and organize workflows.

HawkSoft can also help you boost your retention rates by sending your team Retention Alerts that identify clients at risk. In addition, HawkSoft also offer helpful insights into your customer journeys with the Lead Management categories feature that depict where clients are in the sales funnel. Moreover, HawkSoft can also help you track your KPIs, with a monthly close ratio organised by indicator such as retention rates, producer, or number of client policies.

According to their website, HawkSoft is reportedly the only system with a 97% recommendation rate. Not only that, but the average time agencies stay with HawkSoft is 18 years.


Insly is cloud-based insurance software designed to meet the needs of managing general agents (MGAs), brokers, and insurers. Insly offers to streamline and automate key insurance processes, saving time and money on manual labor.

Insly works to configure the system around your products – offering premium calculators, multi-level distribution, integrations with several credit card payment processors and platforms, customizable underwriting workflows, and advanced feature sets – including MTA-s and endorsements.

A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker Risk Management Software is a cloud-based platform that can help insurance professionals manage risk. The platform offers real-time tracking and data on risks – warning users of any foreboding issues in particular departments or locations. Customizable dashboards allow you to tailor the product for your unique service or products, undertake audits, and access data analytics for different areas.

ATTOM’s Demographic and Property Data: Taking Care of the Data Behind the Software

In addition, ATTOM’s real estate data is a great complement to the go-to insurance tools on the market. Our data warehouse provides comprehensive real estate and demographic data to improve processes for markets across the insurance industry.

For example, you can use ATTOM’s property data to help power your CRM by identifying new prospects and creating targeted marketing lists for outreach. Moreover, you can also use our data to ensure your insurance software is updated with accurate, granular demographic and property data Improve the underwriting process.

Finding the Best Insurance Software on the Market

There are several tools available to help speed up, streamline, and enhance your everyday insurance processes – from underwriting to client management. But when looking for the best insurance software, it can be easy to become paralysed by the choices available. This list can provide a starting point for when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the options out there.

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