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Real Estate Investors Can Source Lucrative Foreclosure Properties by Using ATTOM’s Foreclosure Data

Foreclosed or real estate owned (REO) properties are properties owned by a mortgage lender or lien holder due to the property owner defaulting on their loan.

Whether you’re looking for multi-family or lone residential property investments, foreclosures can offer you a substantial reduction on market prices. Foreclosure residential properties characteristically offer a below market value, providing a sizable ROI for investors.

Why You Should Throw Out Your Subscriptions to the Leading Listing Platforms

However, with such an appealing sticker price, foreclosure residential properties are hot commodities on the real estate market – with many investors looking to snap up a great deal on a property.

As such, the common avenues used to source foreclosure investments are often oversaturated – with several prospective buyers vying for the same properties and eagle-eyed investors swooping in to score the best deals as soon as they hit the market. Sourcing the best foreclosure investments on the most popular listings platforms is often a gamble on sheer speed and luck.

In addition, no matter how many listing services you are signed up for, many foreclosure properties will be hidden from reach. Most listings services do not have access to accurate, all-encompassing real estate property data on available foreclosures.

As such, investors benefit from having direct access to accurate, complete data on pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties across the US.

Enter ATTOM: The World of Foreclosure Real Estate Property Data at Your Fingertips

As the provider of the largest footprint available from any data provider, you can ensure that a high-income foreclosure property won’t slip through the cracks. ATTOM’s property data contains accurate information on more than 155 million U.S. properties.

Our data is filtered through our unique Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP), where it’s passed through more than 20 steps in which property data is validated, standardized, and enhanced.

With ATTOM, you can gain a full picture of the foreclosure properties at your fingertips. Our comprehensive foreclosure data keeps you informed with detailed property records that cover:

  • Foreclosure type
  • Property address and geo-location
  • The recording or publication date
  • Auction date

Our extensive data also allows you to conduct due diligence to help you inform your investment choice before auction begins. Our up-to-date property address and geolocation data can help answer key questions that will impact your ROI calculations, such as:

  • Is the foreclosure home in a desirable area?
  • When was the home last sold?
  • Is it situated in a good school district?

ATTOM also gives you full access to liens and county fees tied to the property.

We ensure you have access to all the data you need at every stage of the investment process. After you have conducted your due diligence, you can also use ATTOM to unearth the date, time, and location of a foreclosure auction.

Direct Access to Comprehensive Real Estate Property Data for Multi Family Properties

Vying for the best foreclosure multi-family property on the market is difficult when you only have a small slice of the pie to choose from. That’s why it’s best to go straight to the source with ATTOM’s comprehensive real estate data.

Get started with real estate property data here.


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