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Solar energy is a more competitive market than ever, with thousands of new providers entering the market every year. To keep up with the competition, you’ve likely put several strategies into play to help build your business. From social media marketing to search engine optimization and direct mail campaigns, there are a number of ways you can help grow your business. But to be successful, you need to continually identify lucrative markets that you can move your business into. Real estate data can help you identify where to take your business next.

In this post, we explore how solar energy providers can use property data to help find potentially lucrative new markets for your business. Let’s take a look.

The Rise of Solar Power

From commercial businesses looking to up their green energy credentials to homeowners concerned about using greener energy sources for a greener future, more and more businesses and homeowners are looking to solar energy as an affordable way to “greenify” their homes and offices.

The latest data shows that solar energy capacity is predicted to surpass coal by 2027. In addition, in recent years, there’s been increased support for solar power from policy makers around the U.S. Moreover, the latest studies show that more homeowners are becoming interested in solar power for the home, with 39% saying they’ve given the green energy source serious consideration in the last year. This means more demand but potentially more competition, as global solar demand is set to rise in 2024, with industry revenue set to increase by around 35%.

To help grow your solar energy business, it’s important to be proactive and get yourself in front of your prospective customers. While there are several effective digital and in-person approaches you can use to attract new customers, one way to approach growth is by continually identifying potentially lucrative new markets to move into to help build your solar business. You can use real estate data to help identify where to take your business next.

Pinpoint Markets Where Homeowners Could be in Need of your Services

How can real estate data help you find new markets for your business? You can use property data to find out more about property characteristics, including whether or not properties in specific locations are already using solar power to fuel their homes or whether they could potentially benefit from your services.

You can use real estate data to identify growing markets where homeowners are investing in home renovations, including making green renovations to their home. This data can help show you who is investing in their home, which homeowners have already paid for green home improvements, and how much homeowners in each location are spending on renovations to give you an idea of who may have the money to spend on additional property investments.

With the right real estate data, you can uncover which homeowners have a higher probability of being interested in adding solar energy to their properties and identify which markets are the most promising when it comes to investments in property renovations and eco-friendly home improvements.

Find Other Home Improvement Companies for Partnerships with Building Permit Data

One way you can help your solar energy business successfully move into a new market is to look for prospective partnership opportunities with other businesses in the home improvement sector. For example, you could partner with roofers who are providing services in your desired target area — they can connect you with new prospective customers and potentially provide referrals, helping you enter new markets.

How do you find relevant contractor information for your target location? You can use ATTOM’s building permit data to find out information on the kinds of renovations properties in your target area have undergone. You can find out information on when this work was performed and who performed the work — helping you find active, relevant contractors in your chosen areas.

At ATTOM, we provide the industry’s most exhaustive building permit data. We offer our clients more than 200 million building permits from over 2,000 building departments around the U.S. — helping you find up-to-date information on local contractors.

Why Look to ATTOM for your Real Estate Data?

Why come to ATTOM for real estate data and contractor information? We’ve worked with several solar energy providers to help them use our data to identify new markets and improve their marketing and business prospects with real estate data. With ATTOM, you can get both historic and real-time real estate insights on over 99% of the U.S. population.

With our comprehensive real estate data, you can access information on over 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties around the U.S. You can find extensive information on local property renovation trends throughout the Nation to help you find new markets for your solar energy business. We run our data through an intensive 20-step data management process where we validate, standardize and enhance our data to help ensure quality for our clients.

We also offer flexible delivery and can share our data with you in whatever format works best for your business. You can have our data delivered in a number of ways, such as through our real estate API or ATTOM cloud.

Uncovering New Markets as a Solar Energy Provider

As a solar energy provider in the U.S., there is more competition than ever from businesses moving into the green energy sector. But with more people investing in solar energy and other eco-friendly renovations, you can use ATTOM to help pinpoint potentially lucrative markets for your business.

Want to find out more about ATTOM’s real estate data and how you can use it to explore new markets as a solar energy provider? Get in touch with us to talk through your needs.

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