Digital disruption is a lot like art. Everybody knows it when they see it, but it’s not so easy to define on its own.

In business, it’s a good thing, we promise. Digital disruption drives industries forward because disruptors keep pushing what technology can do. And disruptors like ATTOM Data Solutions keep upending the status quo to find what else new technologies can do – and what you can do with it.

What Is Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption is also a lot like art in two other ways: It can be buzzy and trendy; and there are as many definitions for it as people who define it.

But even in all those buzzy, trendy definitions, the common threads are that digital disruption uses technology to change the way a system works, and that digital disruption’s fundamental goal is to make navigating the world easier.

At ATTOM Data Solutions, we’re unapologetic about upending the proverbial apple cart. We disrupt the housing industry by providing robust property data that lets other industries do their own disruption. Think of it as meta-disruption that ATTOM makes possible.

Disruption for Disruptors

ATTOM disrupts with superior data and innovative ways to put it to work for you.

Need to know the sales history of a property? Neighborhood statistics? Hazard data? Perfect, we have that. ATTOM allows for ease of access via various data delivery solutions. For instance, ATTOM APIs provide real-time data access directly through your software, websites, and apps. That means we provide you the tools to seamlessly integrate and analyze what all those data points mean, and let you apply them in real time.

ATTOM also disrupts through superior data matching. Get greater accuracy, better coverage, and a higher match rate in less time through ATTOM’s Data Match & Append services. We start you off with the most accurate information possible, and you build it towards better value for your customers.

We encourage you to let us help you do your own disrupting. ATTOM has almost 14 billion data records that cover 99 percent of the U.S. population.

We have vast marketing lists of new buyers, new borrowers, owners of distressed properties, investors, and commercial properties.

We have cutting edge analytics-derived data, from AVM to sales data, and even estimated sales price projections.

All to put you in the driver’s seat – of a car we’ll help you build.

Disruption for All

ATTOM data isn’t just for agents and brokers and lenders. Insurance industry pros leverage ATTOM for online quotes, underwriting, risk models, internal analytics, and claims management. Marketers and list brokers use custom, AI-based data reports to generate leads and create targeted lists. Even government agencies use ATTOM data to design better emergency routes, assess local risks, and rethink transportation and logistics.

With almost 30 billion rows of transactional-level data and more than 7,200 discrete data attributes, the 9TB ATTOM data warehouse powers real estate data transparency for innovators in many industries, delivering data in a variety of flexible customer solutions. Check it out for yourself and see what a little digital disruption can do.

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