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Nearly every American uses the internet, with over 90% of Americans saying they access the internet everyday day. In addition, 86% of U.S. states increased their internet speeds during the pandemic. While the latest stats show that 91% of Americans currently own a smartphone — a jump from 53% in 2013. With increased demand for digital services, there are more companies in the internet, cable, and smartphone spaces ready to meet demand than ever before.

From pinpointing prospects to refining and enhancing the digital customer experience, there are several ways that real estate data can help these companies. In this post, we explore how ATTOM’s property and real estate data can be used by internet, cable TV, and phone providers in more detail. Let’s take a look.

Fierce Competition: How Real Estate Data Can Help

In 2023, there’s more demand for digital products and services than ever before. More and more people are working from home, while millions of Americans are shopping online, gaming with friends from around the world from their laptop, and spending hours each day scrolling through social media on their phones.

Right now, 6.8 billion people use smartphones around the world, while adults in the US currently spend an average of 2 hours and 55 minutes on their smartphones each day. While TV subscription services like Netflix may be on the up, with millions of new users signing up each month, 72.2 million people still subscribed to cable TV in 2023, with 44% of American households still opting for cable connections.

As an internet, cable TV, or phone provider how do you cut through the competition? How do you find new prospective customers interested in your services? And how do you keep the customers you do have from jumping over to a new provider?

Almost every home needs access to the internet, and nearly every American owns a smartphone or TV or a streaming service subscription. That means nearly unlimited prospective customers, but also more competition. Here’s where real estate data can help. You can use real estate and property data to help build a consistent influx of work to help support your business and help boost your customer loyalty rates. We’ll show you how in more detail below.

How Can Internet, Cable, and Phone Providers Benefit from Real Estate Data?

With the right data on local neighborhoods and properties, internet, cable, and phone providers can more easily find new potential customers and better personalize their marketing and outreach. You can use ATTOM’s marketing lists such as new homeowner list to target new prospects and have an edge over your competition.

With ATTOM’s real estate data, you can get a detailed understanding of local properties and the current services homeowners are using, research prospective customers, and identify promising new prospects and markets for your services. Many of our clients at ATTOM use our property data to find current and prospective customers for their marketing outreach initiatives.

While real estate data can be a big help in finding new customers and getting a better understanding of your market, it can also help you keep your current customers from ditching your brand for a new provider.

Our real estate data can help you deliver even better digital customer experiences. You can integrate this data into your current customer service processes. As a result, you can help enhance the delivery of electronic billing, encourage the filling out of digital forms with automated address details and help to provide a more enjoyable and hassle-free user experience with automated alerts and notifications.

ATTOM’s Extensive Real Estate and Property Data

ATTOM’s real estate and property data is one of the most extensive solutions on the market, offering real time and historic information on over 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties across the country. This real estate and property data includes datasets like property characteristics, property owner data, and more. Thousands of commercial customers come to ATTOM for reliable, real-time property data on their customers and markets.

Many internet, cable TV, and phone providers need flexible data delivery solutions depending on the unique needs of their businesses and customers. ATTOM offers a number of unique data delivery options to clients. These data-delivery options include Bulk Data Licensing, Marketing Lists, the ATTOM Cloud, Property and Real Estate Market Reports, and the ATTOM Real Estate Data API. With so many diverse delivery options, we can help you seamlessly integrate your data with your platforms and processes.

Nationwide Property for Internet, Cable, and Phone Providers

As a provider of extensive property and real estate data for home services companies, including internet, cable TV, and phone providers across America, ATTOM provides data on millions of properties (and prospective customers!) who could be in need of your services. Many companies use ATTOM’s property data to find new customers, market to existing ones and help gain a competitive edge in an oversaturated market.

Want to know more about ATTOM’s real estate and property data and how it might be able to help your business? We’ve provided data to thousands of leading businesses around the U.S., who have come to rely on the unique insights that our data can provide. Learn more about how we can help here.

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