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And More Facts About U.S. Real Estate

The ATTOM AVM data allows us to get a detailed look at America’s homes — as well as some unique insights into where they’re located, how they’re sold, and much, much more.

One of the more interesting tidbits we’ve found? There are 406 properties with a 201 Main St. address, making it the No. 1 most common residential address in all of the U.S.

It’s not just 201 that’s popular, though. Main Street itself is a widely used location, with all of the top 100 residential addresses located there.

Want more fun facts about the nation’s properties, addresses, and real estate transactions? Here’s what we dug up:

Most Common Street Names

Clearly, Main Street takes the cake for the most common street name in the country. According to our data, nearly 485,000 addresses are located on Main Streets.

At second place comes, well, 2nd Street, with 207,899 addresses across the U.S. (If we add in other “2nd”s, it’s more than 251,000!)

All in all, the top 10 streets look like this:

  • Main Street
  • 2nd Street
  • 3rd Street
  • 4th Street
  • 5th Street
  • 6th Street
  • 7th Street
  • 1st Street
  • 8th Street
  • 9th Street

“Park” is also a common one (Street, Avenue, etc.), as is 3rd Avenue, which boasts almost 93,600 addresses nationwide.

Most Common Address

We covered 201 Main St as the top address in the country, but it’s not the only popular location we found. Apparently, 15 Maple St. is the most popular non-Main Street address, and a whopping 257 properties have this address across the nation. Not far behind is 104 Elm St., with 246 properties in the U.S.

Unique Addresses

Another interesting fact? Nearly 80 million street addresses in the U.S. are completely unique — without even needing the city, state, or ZIP code attached.

When you add in the ZIP, a jaw-dropping 99.99% of all properties have a unique address. Fewer than 1,000 properties need either a city name or an additional four-digit ZIP code to be unique.

Finally, one last address-related fact: If you want the most concise way to describe a property’s unique location, it’s a combo of the home’s five-digit ZIP code, four-digit ZIP code, and delivery point.

Unique Transactions

Arms-length transactions — in which the buyer and seller act independently of each other to come to a deal, are typically thought to be a pretty rare occurrence. But according to our analysis, nearly 24,000 arms-length transactions happen per day. That’s right around 480 per state, on average.

A Wide Array of Insights

As you can see, the ATTOM AVM data can offer some fascinating insights into America’s real estate — as well as how it’s labeled and sold. With more than 80 million properties in our system, ATTOM’s AVM database is one of the most comprehensive and detailed out there. Reach out today to learn more or to get access.

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