ATTOM VP of Marketing Kara Taylor Pens, “Fuel Innovation with Property Data” for Scotsman Guide

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The September 2019 issue of Scotsman Guide features an article by ATTOM Data Solutions VP of Marketing Kara Taylor entitled, “Fuel Innovation with Property Data.” In this article, Taylor states the mortgage industry can push boundaries and build efficiencies with the right tools.

Taylor writes today’s mortgage industry is competitive, and with the onslaught of nonbank lenders, digital solutions and fintech companies that have hit the sector, it’s becoming increasingly important for lenders and the originators who work with them to differentiate themselves. It’s not just about standing out from the pack that matters. To stay competitive, originators need to push the boundaries and find new, innovative ways to do business. They need strategies that not only attract new buyers and investors, but ones that increase their internal efficiencies, reduce their risk and maximize their return on investment at the same time.

According to Taylor, property data is one way many originators are doing it. Data has never been more accessible. With the right data solution, originators can tap everything from property values and credit histories to ownership records, liens, flood determinations and more all with- in seconds, and it’s giving them unprecedented power.

Read the full article here.

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