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How Real Estate Pros Use POI Data

Think about all the things people think about when they move to a new home. It goes well past the price and the mortgage. When people move, they want to know about schools, hospitals, amenities, attractions, and who the best veterinarian is.

All those things live under the umbrella of “points of interest,” or POI. And it is these kinds of data points that can give real estate agents real insight into what homebuyers are looking for. ATTOM’s POI data provide dozens of data sets, from automotive services to potential environmental risks, to help real estate professionals fit the right clients to the right neighborhoods.

More Than Pins

The most common visual representation of POI real estate data is a pin on a map. Consumers see these when they get directions online or when they search for where a good pizza joint is. But these pins can tell real estate agents a lot more than an address.

Residential real estate agents can use those pins to figure out distances and drive times to nearby points of interest, to zero in on what public and private schools are nearest to a neighborhood, and how dense (or not) a neighborhood or area might be. A more enterprising agent could also study the points of interest to figure out what types of residents could be someone’s new neighbors. Lots of bars and clubs might signal a younger crowd, whereas few amenities could be a sign of quieter, older neighbors – all valuable information to know about an area, even before a buyer asks.

Commercial real estate agents can pinpoint the number and types of businesses and how large or small those businesses are. Consider what valuable insights a commercial real estate agent could give to a business client wondering whether a certain area is a good fit for a restaurant or a grocery store or a small manufacturing business.

Or take a deeper dive into ATTOM’s warehouse of POI information to find out how many employees a company might have, the size of a business, the worth of a business, the age of a business – all of which helps paint an accurate portrait of potential market competition.

Combine That With Other ATTOM Data

POI data can get an agent started, but ATTOM’s myriad other datasets provide detailed information to craft rich, accurate portraits of a neighborhood. ATTOM’s Home Disclosure Report provides detailed reports on specific properties. Agents can use Neighborhood Data to peer into more than 30 datasets to see what potential clients might see when doing their research. And ATTOM’s Area & Neighborhood Boundary Database is the largest well of spatial data – more than 500 metros and 40,000 neighborhoods – in the business.

POI for the Real Estate Pros

ATTOM’s real estate portals let brokers and agents move points of interest data to where they need to. Investors can tap into the health of a community to find the best places to invest. Marketers can build targeted products for clients and streamline the process of finding just the right home for just the right family.

The possibilities are endless. See for yourself. Visit or get in touch with your Data Expert today at 800-462-5125.

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