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How Community and Demographic Data Can Make Your Real Estate Listing Platform a Go-To Resource for House Hunters

In a sea of glossy graphics, triple-digit property listings, and intuitive interfaces, it can be difficult to make your real estate listing platform stand out to prospective buyers.

From aerial maps, to a host of search filters.

It seems that any tactic you dream up to generate a steady influx of new leads and conversions has already been done by your competitors a hundred times over.

While most platforms look to hit the high-points of Google with aesthetics and functionality alone, some up-and-coming industry leaders are now turning to data to differentiate them from the scores of other real estate listing platforms on the market.

From to Zillow to Realtor, the leading real estate property listing platforms provide home buyers with basic property data. Typically covering: property size, square feet, home type, and year built.

While the majority of real estate portals provide basic neighborhood level data, such as population statistics and data on the local schools – few include expansive information on the demographic features and neighborhood characteristics that give local communities their character.

While data on the local population size and schools may help buyers gain a sense of a neighborhoods value, nuanced characteristics – encompassing elements such as the weather, employment, education levels, and the local languages spoken bring color to buyer’s perceptions of a community. 

Real Estate Portals

Real estate portals that offer information on a variety of demographic features help home buyers develop an experiential snapshot of what living in a certain property may be like.

Demographic data can also help users to personalize their home search and choose properties based on granular features that appeal to their values and interests. Some property portals can also allow users to filter properties in neighborhoods on the basis of ‘personality’ attributes – such as “safe and sound”.

As such, including detailed data on local neighborhoods enables your property portal to stand-out in a sea of substandard choices. Your portal becomes a go-to resource for buyers looking to gain a deeper insight into the communities that they may one day make their home.

ATTOM’s Neighborhood and Demographic Data: Let Your Home Buyers See Their Future Area in Techni-Color

ATTOM provides the most comprehensive nationwide assortment of community and neighborhood data available. ATTOM ensures the timely delivery of up-to-date demographic statistics from across the US.

Our robust property data powers many of the leading real estate portals on the net.

Our community and demographic data covers every key aspect that a potential homebuyer may be curious about, including:

  • Marital Status
  • Employment
  • Weather
  • Income
  • Languages spoken
  • Education
  • Housing (age and occupancy)

Have your detailed community and demographic data delivered to you in a number of ways including:

The Fast Track to Stand-Out Real Estate Portal Content

Providing robust data on you real estate portal can fast-track your reputation as a go-to resource providing home buyers with a full picture of the most desirable neighborhoods.

As the majority of real estate portals limit their reach with one-dimensional data on properties and neighborhoods, enhancing your content with rich data from ATTOM can put you a cut above the competition.

Looking for the next steps in bringing community and demographic data to your real estate portal? Find out more here, including guidance on how to access our sample data and how to contact us for a free quote.


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