As our own Chief Product Officer at ATTOM Todd Teta notes, foreclosure activity is set to increase in 2022. Todd says, “Foreclosure starts are very likely to rise over the next six months to a year — with the increase ranging from a tick to a torrent.”

Foreclosure activity refers to properties that have foreclosure filings after property owners have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. These properties have been taken back by lenders as a result.

Whether you’ve looking to invest in a new foreclosed property or you’re a government agency looking to analyze foreclosure trends and inform policy — we’re here to show you how you can use ATTOM’s exhaustive foreclosure data to do just that. In this post, we explore 4 of the best uses of ATTOM’s foreclosure data — let’s take a look.

Introducing Pre-foreclosure and Foreclosure Data from ATTOM

ATTOM is a go-to provider of accurate real estate data — including foreclosure data on homes throughout the USA. Offering the largest footprint from any real estate data  provider, we offer nationwide pre-foreclosure and foreclosure records and details. Our data covers over 155 million U.S. properties — with 99% population coverage.

Including — Notice of Default (NODs), Lis Pendens (LIS), real estate owned completed foreclosures (REOs), Notice of Trustee’s Sale (NTS), and Notice of Foreclosure Sale (NFS) to ensure comprehensiveness. From recording dates to foreclosure amounts — get all the foreclosure information you need. Our data is collected and compiled from original records to ensure accuracy.

Foreclosure Data for Real Estate Portals

Many people come to real estate portals to find data on pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties.

You can use ATTOM’s foreclosure data to provide your visitors with data on the most recent foreclosures. Drive more traffic and generate new leads — attract investors and other real estate professionals by offering them access to comprehensive foreclosure data on properties across the U.S.

With the foreclosure market, investors and agents have to move fast to secure the best deals — our foreclosure data is compiled regularly directly from country assessor and recorder offices’ documents, to help ensure accuracy and timely access to up-to-date data.

Foreclosure Data for Mortgage Originators

As a mortgage originator, pre-foreclosure and foreclosure data is key for supplementing credit data and helping you more accurately assess risk when underwriting loans. You can use this data to help verify information and uncover more data on borrowers. We can provide you with access to a wide range of pre-foreclosure and foreclosure data — such as completed foreclosures (REOs) and historical pre-foreclosure notices (Defaults and Auctions).

Foreclosure Data for Institutional Investors

As an institutional investor, you can create custom reports using our extensive pre-foreclosure and foreclosure data — these reports can help you more easily identify promising investment opportunities and reduce the time you spend on investment research.

With ATTOM’s foreclosure data, you can power your internal analytics and help ensure that your analysis is more accurate to help guide you towards making data-driven investment decisions. ATTOM seamlessly integrates with your systems and solutions to help enhance investment decision making.

Foreclosure Data for Government Agencies

Government agencies can make great use of foreclosure data to identify and analyze market trends to help make more informed policy decisions. Our foreclosure data can help enhance the decision-making process, helping government agencies to make more data-informed policy decisions and create new policies to support at-risk property owners. With our comprehensive, up-to-date foreclosure data, you can get a better understanding of the health of the real estate market for specific geographical locations and nationwide.

Welcome to ATTOM’s Foreclosure Data

Foreclosure activity is set to increase this year and ATTOM’s leading, accurate foreclosure data is a great source of information with a wide range of use cases across industries. For many years, we’ve been a go-to provider of pre-foreclosure and foreclosure data for professionals and agencies across the sectors.

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