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We are a leading real estate investment firm that provides guidance on acquiring, developing, managing, and leasing commercial real estate properties across the U.S. Our customers have come to expect detailed insights into commercial properties at the click of the mouse, and for the past several years we’ve turned to a number of real estate data providers to supply us with reliable property data to fuel our commercial real estate platform.

Read on to find out why we chose ATTOM and how their real estate data has enhanced the property data we provide on our commercial real estate platform.

The Providers of a Leading Commercial Real Estate Platform

Our clients look to us to provide reliable data to inform their research on commercial real estate across the U.S. Our prospective and current client’s reliance on reliable property information has become even more pronounced since the beginning of the pandemic due to restrictions on in-person meetings. As such, since lowdown began, we began to look for a provider who could provide us with more detailed insights into the commercial property market.

Why We Partnered with ATTOM for Our Property Data Needs

We were looking for a cost-effective solution that also offered comprehensive insights into the housing market. ATTOM gives us access to extensive data on several areas of the commercial real estate market – saving us costs on relying on a number of different partners to meet our data needs.

ATTOM has a reputation for supplying exhaustive U.S. property data to a diverse portfolio of companies, covering over 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties, including: property characteristics, sales, geocodes, assessor, foreclosure, and more.

We decided on ATTOM for help enriching the data on their CRE platform. ATTOM’s property data allows us to give our customers more detailed insights into the commercial properties listed on our platform to better inform their property research and investment decisions.

We use ATTOM’s commercial property data to provide insights into the properties on our platform, such as detailed property characteristics and the specific location of each property available.

The ATTOM team has decades of industry experience and have been on hand to answer our questions. We appreciate ATTOM for their supportive, collaborative approach throughout our continued time with them.

An ATTOM Partner for Nationwide Property Data

ATTOM provides us with reliable, nationwide property data to inform our commercial real estate platform and ensure we continue to provide property insights to our client base. We’ve been impressed both by the comprehensiveness of ATTOM’s property data as well as their leading customer support.

This is a theoretical use case.

Interested in learning more about ATTOM’s property data? As a leading provider of nationwide property data, we can supply you with comprehensive insights into the real estate market. Get in touch to discuss the needs of your company and how we can help here.

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