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ATTOM’s Real Estate Sales Trends for California

Understanding California’s Real Estate Sales Trends

ATTOM’s real estate sales trends data encapsulate granular real estate data points that capture all the elements that play into the past, current, and future real estate market in California.

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Many factors influence the California real estate market. These include demographics, interest rates, the national and local economy, government policies, location, investors, and appraisals. The list is endless. Understanding these specific factors and identifying trends helps those in the real estate industry understand the valuation swings in today’s California housing market.

For example, California has a thriving real estate market supported by the fact that it is one of the top 10 markets with a low rate of zombie foreclosures.

In the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metropolitan area, with more than 13 million people, job growth and low unemployment make Los Angeles one of the most popular and desirable housing markets in the nation.

California is a state where real estate sales trends can be tricky to predict. With ATTOM, real estate decisions are better because they are based on historically accurate data updated quarterly.

Know What’s Going on in California’s Real Estate Market

Find out where the exploding markets are in the State of California.

Find out where the exploding markets are in the State of California. Uncover annual home price appreciation trends, while discovering markets that are surging past pre-recession peaks. The California housing market is ripe for opportunities, but knowing where to purchase and where potential shifts may occur is key to finding hidden gems for investing.

ATTOM’s real estate sales trends data for California is continuously updated and is based on ATTOM’s Home Sales Report.

Discover the following trends for the state of California:

  • Home seller price gains
  • All-cash purchases
  • Short sales
  • Median home sales prices
  • Institutional investor purchases
  • Third-party foreclosure auction sales
  • Homeownership tenure
  • FHA, REO Sales
  • Total distressed sales

Various industries need California’s homes sales data. Real estate agents, real estate investors, marketers all need to know the markets that are exploding past pre-recession levels, markets that are becoming vulnerable with distressed home sales, and markets that are hot for investors.

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