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New York City Property Data

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New York City Real Estate: The Basics

Robust property data powers smart real estate decisions. 

Are you on the hunt to buy, sell, or invest in New York City real estate? The property data you need to do so wisely is right here.

The New York metropolitan area encompasses New York City, Newark, Jersey City, and parts of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. In total, it spans more than 4,500 square miles and includes a whopping 21 million residents. It’s the most populated MSA in the entire country.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the New York City real estate market at year-end 2019:
Number of properties7.9 million
Total number of foreclosures*39,554
Overall foreclosure rate0.50% (1 in every 200 housing units)
Median Sales Price$400,000
Average Homeownership Tenure9.48 years
Seller Gains31.1%
Home Flipping Rate6.6%
Gross Flipping Profit$135,000
* Overall foreclosures are down nearly 33% in the New York MSA over 2018 and 42% since 2017. The region also saw the 39th-highest level of foreclosures last year.

A Look at Detailed New York City Property Data

Having general market data is important, but to make the smartest real estate decisions, you need deep-dive, property-level data and comprehensive property reports. 

As a buyer, seller, or investor, you should also have access to property data points like:

  • Sales and ownership records
  • Zoning details
  • Property valuations
  • Tax and assessor records
  • Foreclosure, judgment and lien history
  • Mortgage loan data, including balances, lenders, and more
  • Recorder and deed data
  • Property characteristics, including size, square footage, features, amenities, construction materials, lot number, and more
  • Geocodes data

At ATTOM Data Solutions, the above data points are just a small portion of the property-level details we can offer. Want to make sure you have an accurate, up-to-date picture of the market or property you’re considering investing in? Contact us today to try the data out yourself.

Need access to all the above and more?
We have you covered. Get in touch to see our detailed New York City property data now.

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