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Montgomery County, MD Foreclosure Data

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Investing in Foreclosures in Montgomery, MD

Montgomery County, Maryland is home to over 1,050,688 people. The average median household income is $110,389, and approximately 7.4% of its population is living below the poverty line. The county itself encompasses an area of 507 square miles and consists of some 3 cities, 12 towns, 4 villages, and 5 unincorporated communities. As a part of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, it is within stone’s throw of an additional 5.8 million households.

Real estate data reveals that despite these numbers, the area is still a great location for foreclosures. It is the second richest county in the state, as well. The desirability of the area makes any distressed property a hot ticket for investors, which is why it is so important to stay on top of the latest foreclosure data to secure the best deal available. Let’s take a closer look at what ATTOM’s property data insights reveal about Montgomery County foreclosures.

Montgomery, MD Investing in Foreclosures

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Montgomery County MD State of Foreclosures

For investors considering investing in foreclosure properties, there are a few key insights to keep in mind. Each of these insights is based on detailed real estate data from ATTOM.

House Prices

As we mentioned, Montgomery County, Maryland is one of the healthiest housing markets in the country. The strong employment rate and proximity to DC ensure that the real estate market stays stable. Home prices have continued to rise over the past few years, despite the pandemic. Most homes stay on the market for just 26 days and the median home price hovers around $540K.

In comparison with the rest of the country, Montgomery County has extremely high home values. Most homes sell between $220,000 and $975,000, but the home prices can vary widely depending on the neighborhood and area they’re located in.

For investors looking for foreclosures in Montgomery County, Maryland, there are a few key real estate data points to keep in mind when looking at the ideal foreclosure property to invest in.

  • Bank-Owned REOs
  • Auction Data
  • Default Properties
  • HOA Foreclosures

Each of these data points reveals the value of the property and the potential for growth in a particular market. It also tells a story of how much the property might sell for. Investors need to stay up to date with real estate data in order to secure the best possible deal for their investment. Keep in mind, other investors are also watching these insights and jumping on opportunities as they arise.

Bank Sign
Overview of Foreclosures Data

For investors hoping to get in on foreclosures before they become public records, data information about Notice of Default, Lis Pendens, and Notice of Sale are key pieces of insight. This is where ATTOM’s real estate data can help. It provides these key insights and much more to help investors make a purchase early in the process.

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If you’re interested in investing in foreclosures in Montgomery County, Maryland, you need ATTOM’s latest foreclosure property data. You can request a complete report of the county’s existing foreclosures on our site.

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