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Property Data Delivered Instantly

Appraisers rely on access to extensive real estate data to deliver reliable and meaningful property valuation and reports, and ATTOM’s property data is tailor-made for appraisers.

  • ATTOM cleans up public and private data to eliminate inconsistencies and clarify the changing market conditions for all property types.
  • The data shows trends in pricing, capital flows, and asset acquisitions. With this knowledge, appraisers can target investors, developers, lenders, and brokers seeking dependable appraisal services.
  • ATTOM’s analytics help appraisers build relationships with new and existing market players and expand their reach in property sectors.
  • ATTOM’s data can pinpoint the most relevant sales comparables based on millions of data points synthesized according to their relevance in the local market.
ATTOM’s data offers a stamp of approval to appraisers and their valuations. ATTOM provides the most recent and extensive data available, so clients are assured that their appraiser’s work is based on the market and their best interests.

ATTOM’s Property Data Adds Value to Your Business

Real estate appraisers need reliable data to produce accurate valuations. ATTOM’s real estate data is comprehensive and detailed. ATTOM’s Property & Comparables reports, marketing lists, and real estate market trends reports are valued credentials for professional appraisers.

Property Reports

Property & Comparables Reports

ATTOM offers GeoData Plus property reports, which feature hundreds of data points on over 150 million residential properties, such as ownership, current taxes and assessments, census tract, occupancy, lot and building details, land use, zoning, flood zone, sales and financing, listing and foreclosures, and even photographs. The broader the data, the more accurate the appraisal.

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Marketing Lists

ATTOM’s marketing lists help appraisers grow their business and reputation. Appraisers specializing in a specific area can market their services to the right clients. ATTOM’s marketing lists are customized to reflect certain demographics or geographic areas. Lead generation and client outreach is simple, leaving more time for the work that counts, appraising.

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Real Estate Market Trends

Real Estate Market Trends

Investors need robust data to make informed decisions. ATTOM’s real estate market trends data are sourced from the nation’s largest real estate property database. ATTOM applies customized analytics to identify the real estate market trends that will shape the future of property markets.

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ATTOM Supports Real Estate Appraisers with:

  • Easily accessible data in a usable format that supports valuations
  • Professional reports customized to the client’s needs
  • Unique analytics and predictive reports from ATTOM’s bulk property data
  • All the data needed for an appraisal from one property data provider

Build Trust with ATTOM’s Property Data

Not all real estate data is the same. A lack of standards by a data provider can mean that your reputation as an appraiser is at risk. Use ATTOM’s data, and your clients will trust that your valuations are based on truth, integrity, and your client’s best interest, whether it be borrowing, lending, selling, investing, or risk mitigation.

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