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This webinar, presented by ATTOM’s Director of PR & Content, Jennifer von Pohlmann, and Zavvie’s Chief Data Officer, Stefan Peterson, features an overall look at the housing market, historical institutional investor activity, insight on ibuying offers, and the growth of power buyers.

Jennifer jumps into this focus by examining historic quarterly price trends amid the housing market that continues to defy the pandemic, as the national median home price hit yet another record in Q2 2021, reaching $305,000. That figure was up 11 percent from $275,200 in Q1 2021 and 22 percent from $250,000 in Q2 2020.

During this webinar, Jennifer also looks at sales to institutional investors quarterly going back to 2000, which shows that in Q2 2021, institutional investors nationwide accounted for 4.6 percent of all single-family house and condo purchases. That figure was up from 3.2 percent in Q1 2021 and from 2 percent in Q2 2020.

Also, during this webinar, Zavvie’s Stefan Peterson explores these five power buyer mega trends:

  • iBuyers are making stronger offers with lower fees
  • Power Buyers solve the #1 problem
  • Power Buyers: Explosive growth
  • Customer satisfaction for Power Buyers and iBuyers is very high
  • Start up and existing brokerages are offering all solutions

Stefan also presents the various power buyer top services fueling their growth, including:

  • “The Buy Before You Sell Bridge:” Enables home sellers to secure their next home with no financing contingency before listing and selling their current home.
  • “Sale Leaseback Bridge:” Homeowners unlock the equity in their home by selling it to the Power Buyer and then temporarily leasing it from the Power Buyer, enabling the homeowner to purchase their next home without a loan contingency, or use their equity for other purposes.
  • “Cash Offers:” Enables home buyers to make offers that are backed by the Power Buyer and therefore have no financing contingency.

In another key takeaway from this webinar, Stefan looks at where these power buyers are emerging throughout the U.S. and which markets are seeing the greatest penetration.

This webinar also looks at research from Mike DelPrete’s 2021 Emerging Models in Real Estate Report, which presents the four quadrants in which brokers should have a presence in order to thrive, from search to close.

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