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As a mortgage lender, we’ve used a number of marketing techniques and materials to draw in prospects and convert leads into paying customers. Since opening our business in 2005, we’ve moved on from traditional direct mail campaigns, offering temperamental returns on investment to new and innovative forms of marketing with proven efficiency rates behind them.

Currently, we focus on social media campaigns, OOH, email marketing campaigns, and content marketing. Behind the scenes of our marketing initiatives, the quality of our data is key – enabling us to personalize our marketing materials to draw in new prospects and increase our conversions dramatically. In this post, we explore how ATTOM’s property and demographic data has helped us achieve these results.

Targeting Challenging Markets with ATTOM’s Property Data

Drawing in prospective borrowers can be challenging in an over-saturated market, one in which our prospects are offered an array of choices from alternative lenders.

ATTOM’s extensive real estate data has been used to power our direct mail and email marketing campaigns, improving our conversion rates and delivering a great ROI for our business.

As a mortgage lender, we use educational content to inform our prospects on the mortgage lending options available to them and the many benefits of owning a property. In order to successfully do this, we are always looking for ways to improve our targeting of specific marketing segments and converting them more effectively through personalization. In order to personalize content, we employ ATTOM’s robust property data.

As such, ATTOM’s demographic data has been key to improving our conversion rates. We’ve used ATTOM’s demographic data to target specific prospects and expand our services. We’ve used this information to target prospects based on their housing, income, and marital status – appealing to prospects based on the unique elements that define their experiences.

For example, millennials are notoriously difficult to market mortgage financing to. The 2018 Urban Institute report shows that homeownership rates for millennials sits 8% of the homeownership rate for Gen Xers and baby boomers. The price of home ownership is prohibitively high, with many millennials trading in their own homes for rented apartments.

However, ATTOM’s demographic data has enabled us to provide unique loan product options that meet their personal circumstances, such as suitable lending options with lower down payments to suit their tighter economic circumstances. This personalized focus has helped us substantially increase the number of prospects we turn into new homeowners.

Accurate Quotes for Every Prospective Customer

In addition, we also use ATTOM’s owner, mortgage, property, foreclosure, and neighborhood data to find the right prospects for our services and deliver accurate quotes based on their situation.

ATTOM’s mortgage loan data is key to helping us target homeowners eligible for refinancing more effectively. Assured of the reliability and comprehensiveness of the datasets, we rely on ATTOM to provide us with every detail we need on a prospect in a position for refinancing, including information on lenders, verification of the borrower, loans, amounts, interest rates, origination dates, and recording dates. ATTOM delivers this data securely – via their Bulk Property Data Licensing solution.

We use this data to speak to potential customers directly by offering better financing terms and accurate assessments of their potential refinance amount, interest rate, and estimated future payment. Prospects our continually impressed by our nuanced understanding of their unique situations and the instant quotes we provide. This move has significantly improved our conversion rates in both our email marketing and direct mail campaigns.

Winning Our Prospects Over on the First Encounter

We rely on ATTOM’s multi-sourced, enhanced national property data warehouse to provide us with up-to-date real estate market data on more than 155 million U.S. properties and homeowners across the U.S.. We receive our data directly to our servers, without hassle, using ATTOM’s bulk property data licensing solution.

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