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ATTOM’s Clandestine Drug Lab Data

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ATTOM Clandestine Drug Lab Data

ATTOM’s clandestine drug laboratories data informs property seekers, environmental experts, public health and social service providers, governments, and citizens where there may be hazardous waste risk as a consequence of past drug lab activity. Our data help business owners improve employee safety measures and allow real estate agents to evaluate specific neighborhoods for clients.

ATTOM’s drug lab data reveal such locations so investors and property seekers can make informed decisions and governments and local authorities can impose mitigation policies to prevent future drug lab activity.

Potential Hazardous Waste Sites

Between 2002 and 2014, more than 118,000 meth labs were discovered across the United States. Meth labs are bad news for the surrounding community. They usually trigger a downward spiral in property values in already distressed areas, and the negative effect of a meth lab’s discovery is similar to that of a close-by hazardous waste site or landfill.

Drug dumpsites from meth production create hazardous waste sites. The toxic chemicals disposed of at these locations may be acids, ammonia, paint thinner, drain cleaner, and other industrial solvents. These chemicals are often Illegally dumped, and the result is damaged soil, polluted waterways, harm to plants and animal life, and significant health and safety implications for humans.

Drug Labs

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Clandestine Drug Lab Data?

New Borrowers

Real Estate

Clandestine drug lab information may not be uncovered by a general home inspection. Real estate experts need access to this data to inform clients of the true context of a potential investment.
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Home Services

Home service businesses can use ATTOM’s clandestine drug lab data to better assess the type of services needed in a neighborhood, such as clean-up of dangerous chemicals, or smart security systems.
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Distressed Property Owners

Technology and Data Platforms

Technology and data platforms that include clandestine drug lab niche data attract a broader client and visitor base. ATTOM’s clandestine drug labs data are sought by governments, researchers, local law enforcement, real estate professionals, investors, and business owners.

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Distressed Property Owners

Rental Websites

ATTOM’s clandestine drug lab data helps potential renters to evaluate neighborhoods and homes. Rental sites offering this information gain a reputation as a leading resource for vital property information.
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