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Monitoring the Covid-19 Housing Market

In today’s uncertain times, our country’s leaders are looking to data to help determine the next critical course of action in confronting COVID-19. From mitigating risk to gaining essential insight, data helps drive decisions. Our analytics-ready property data can help. We’ve taken the first steps to identify the U.S. housing markets that are most vulnerable to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are invested in providing housing market updates and real-world solutions to understand and address the challenges presented by this crisis.

Unlocking Market Insights with Property Data

ATTOM’s robust and comprehensive property data provides actional real estate data and analytics to fuel growth, improve operational efficiencies and power innovation across a wide range of industries. Our datasets are utilized not only to create innovation but to gain a competitive advantage and deliver valuable insight.

ATTOM Data Delivers Real Estate Data to Meet the Unique Challenges in Today’s Current Climate

How Various Industries are Leveraging Property Data in an Uncertain Economy

Insurance Companies

Appraisers and Underwriters

In times like these, where social distancing is the new norm and the FHFA is relaxing traditional standards for appraisals, the need for quality AVM data is at an all-time high. Our AVM values deliver high quality estimates and ranges with a confidence score that can be relied on for data driven business decisions. Learn More

Investment Research

Real Estate

With the state of the economy being unpredictable and uncertain, the real estate industry must not only monitor housing market trends but possibly shift the traditional homebuying process to a more virtual experience. With detailed data around the Covid-19 real estate market, ATTOM gives you the tools you need.
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With businesses filing property insurance policies at a frantic rate due to shutdown orders, insurance companies need detailed property data and enhanced analysis to better assess risk and process claims
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OSHA Compliance


With many homeowners being financially impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic, mortgage servicers and lenders must arm themselves with property data to process possible Refis more efficiently and analyze risk more accurately.
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We are seeing first-hand that data is crucial in driving key decisions for the health of the economy. ATTOM has the power to drive those decisions by analyzing the health of the real estate market and identifying emerging trends that are being impacted by the coronavirus and house prices.
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Markets Vulnerable to Coronavirus Impact

Read our latest analysis spotlighting the U.S. housing markets that are more or less vulnerable to the coronavirus impact.
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ATTOM COVID-19 Webinar

ATTOM’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Todd Teta and General Manager of RealtyTrac, Ohan Antebian give an in-depth analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on the housing market.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why certain regions may be more at-risk than others
  • Timing of the expected outcomes on the housing market
  • What impacts COVID-19 will pose to the distressed market
  • How will this affect industry business/solution providers?
  • A look into the impact this will have on the future of the housing market
  • And more…

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