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Mortgage data powers a range of fields and solutions. Whether you’re a real estate broker looking to provide advice and guidance to your clients or a refinance lender looking to target homeowners.

Mortgage data providers pool centralize data from public records and digital databases, giving you fast, hassle-free access to the information you need.

In this post, we explore the best U.S. mortgage data providers on the market right now.

The Best U.S. Mortgage Data Providers


We may be biased, but we’re still one of the best. At ATTOM, we provide some of the most comprehensive mortgage data on the market. You can get access to a range of data, including data on loan positions, recorder deed data, sales prices, property transfers, and more.

Our extensive datasets give you detailed insights on the property market. We provide real estate data on over 155 million U.S. properties, offering 99% population coverage. Get access to flexible data delivery solutions that match your business needs, including bulk data licensing, real estate APIs, marketing lists, match & append, and more.

Many professionals utilize our mortgage data, from institutional investors that are looking for insights into sales trends and mortgage histories to mortgage lenders looking to identify property owners with better financing terms.


Tovo’s multi-sourced real estate datasets provide real-time information on homeownership, public records, foreclosure, mortgage data, and more. Lenders can use this data to verify borrowers’ information, find new prospects to originate new loans, and help to accurately assess homeowner risk. You can use Tovo to pre-fill and pre-populate forms with accurate data, reducing the time your prospects spend filling out an application.

They provide real estate data on more than 150+ million properties across the U.S.  In addition, you can work with Tovo’s team to customize your datasets to suit your business needs.

Black Knight

As one of the most well-recognized providers of national mortgage data, Black Knight’s property database provides information on 99.9% of America’s properties and population. Data is collected county assessors’ offices across America. This data is the personally verified and updated by the Black Knight team.

Their McDashSM loan data covers agency, non-agency, as well as portfolio products. This includes more than 160 million first mortgage loans, over 20 million home equity loans, and provides historical insights over more than 20 years.

DataTree by FirstAmerican

DataTree by First American are another go-to provider of up-to-date mortgage data on U.S. homes. DataTree provide a comprehensive look at mortgage information. The ‘Property Detail Report’ gives you a comprehensive overview of a property, including mortgage recordings, tax information, flood risk, and property characteristics.

You can ensure your mortgage data can be trusted thanks to DataTree’s ‘verified record’ symbols. These highlight data that has been matched between a number of independent sources.


CoreLogic is one of the most popular providers of real estate and mortgage data on the market. They position their U.S. mortgage data as a good resource to originate your loans faster and with less expense.

CoreLogic present their mortgage data solution as ideal for streamlining and simplifying underwriting workflows. Moreover, you can turn to CoreLogic for more in-depth mortgage data analytics. CoreLogic provide insights into areas with the highest rates of mortgage fraud, helping you to reduce your risk.

America’s Top Mortgage Market Data Providers

We hope you found this run down of the top U.S. mortgage market data providers helpful. With a range of providers to choose from, we recommend diving into testimonials and reaching out to each provider to find the best fit for your business needs.

If you’d like to learn more about ATTOM’s mortgage data, please reach out to us here.

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