However healthy or unhealthy the economy, there will always be some homeowners who become unable to keep up with their mortgage. And there will always be reasons for loan officers to find and do business with distressed owners.

The trick, of course, is finding them – which is not a trick at all if you know where to look.

Here’s a Hint: Look to ATTOM Data Solutions

Finding distressed homeowners starts with finding the right public records. Those are kept at the county recorder office (or county registrar, or recorder of deeds – they have lots of different names) in every county, in every state.

Sounds straightforward enough until you realize that there are 3,007 counties in the United States – and that’s not even counting county-level governments that go by other names, depending on where you live. Louisiana has parishes instead of counties, for example (64 of them); Alaska has organized boroughs (16). And Virginia has 39 independent cities! Which means there’s lots of data out there, tucked away in lots of places going by lots of names.

Now, you could spend the rest of your life combing through records in individual county offices, or you can get what you need through ATTOM Data Solutions’ Comprehensive Real Estate Recorder Data.  ATTOM Data puts you in touch with more than 430 million real estate and loan transactions in over 2,690 counties nationwide. That’s good, solid data from 90 percent of the counties in the United States. Not to mention, ATTOMs comprehensive lead generation tool, which generates thousands of qualified leads per month.

What Kind of Data?

Sure, ATTOM Data has enough recorder/deed data to keep your head spinning, but maybe you want more data for better analyses. Well, ATTOM has reams of data on foreclosures, auctions, and REOs. We have mortgage history data, sales and transfer history data, and mortgage backed securities data. Then there’s our volume of loan data, from recording dates to loan types – all at your fingertips so you can find, identify, and start doing business with homeowners who need out of their situations. For a detailed home sales data analysis, click here.

Transaction History Data is Key

ATTOM has transaction history data from millions (and millions!) of transactions – use them to check loan history and liens; for competitive analysis; to build marketing lists; and to help assess the financial health of a property owner.

Remember, the trick is to find the right customers, which isn’t a trick at all when you know where (and how) to look.  ATTOM can get you the data and help you understand how to use it for your business.

ATTOM can deliver your recorder data in various delivery solutions, such as: Bulk Licensing, API, in marketing lists, through market trend reports, and through our match & append resources. And with new transactions and new information coming in all the time, it’s not likely that we’re going to run out of data that you can put to work for you.

Overwhelmed by the possibilities? Don’t be. We’re here to help. Call our data experts at 800-462-5125 or contact us online at anytime.

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