Bulk Property Data Licensing: Improve Map-Based Search Functionality with ATTOM’s Geocode Database

Map-based searches are fueling the hunt for the perfect home. Some of the leading property listing platforms are racing to offer the best in map-based search functionality on their platform.

In this post, we explore the benefits of adding map-search to your real estate listings platform. In addition, we’ll also show you how you can enhance your map search to boost engagement and drive conversions, and ensure your map data is reliable with verified geocodes data utilizing bulk property data licensing.

The Undeniable Benefits of Map Search for Property Listings Platforms

The majority of real estate listings platforms feature maps showcasing their real estate listings portfolio. Interactive, real-time maps are one of the best ways to improve user engagement.

Maps help your target customers visualize living in a property. Map-search also helps them to easily chart a property’s connection to valued points of interest – such as schools, transit, and retail and entertainment venues. Another benefit that maps provide? Allowing users to search from several properties in their desired location at once.

Property Data Licensing: Fueling Your Real Estate Portal Maps with Accurate, Real-Time Data

Map-based applications use geocodes to display property locations. A geocode refers to a set of GPS coordinates, usually latitude and longitude, that pinpoint a particular location. For example, Google use a geocoding API to mark specific locations on Google Maps.

However, map functionality will only successfully boost your engagement if it provides precise, up-to-date data on properties and the surrounding area. This is where bulk property data licensing comes in.

Bulk real estate data licensing is one of our most popular methods for delivering our precise geocodes data to clients. Our bulk property data provides information on over 155 million U.S. properties and offers more than 29.6 billion rows of transactional-level data.

In addition, ATTOM’s Bulk Property Data Licensing solution contains more than 7,200 discrete attributes – making it one of the most comprehensive property data warehouse solution on the market.

How Can You Rise Above the Competition with Your Map-Search Interface?

How can you ensure your map-based search stands out to your target market in a sea of similar offerings? There are three main ways you can enhance the search experience for your users:

Zoom functionality – frozen maps offer users little freedom, so allow users to zoom in, zoom out, and easily pan to gain insights into neighbouring properties, commercial buildings, and local landmarks.

Highlighting local transit networks is another excellent way to highlight value. We recommend selecting assorted colours to highlight rail networks, tram lines, bus routes, and even cycle paths – for the green-friendly advantage. In addition, school catchment
areas are another key draw for parents looking to purchase a new home
– so always include school district maps on your platform.

 Complement maps with real-time video; every listings platform includes property images, but you can go one step further by providing video tours of local neighbourhoods and available properties to draw in more leads and complement map view.

Power Your Property Listings Map with ATTOM’s Geocode Database

Our geocode database, delivered via our real estate data licensing solution, ensures that your interactive maps are powered by the most comprehensive property data on the market. Contact us now to learn more.


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