This webinar, presented by ATTOM VP of Product Management, Sean Mooney, offers an in-depth look at the new ATTOM Rental AVM (automated valuation model), as well as our other valuation solutions, including the key features, use cases, and delivery options available.

Sean begins this webinar by examining the foundation of the ATTOM AVMs, which provide both home and rental value estimates based on today’s market:

  • Built on top of ATTOM’s robust nationwide property database, updated daily
  • Uses most up-to-date sales and rent data to reflect current market conditions
  • Uses highest accuracy geocodes from multiple sources to pinpoint precise property locations
  • Utilizes GIS boundary data for hyperlocal comp selection

Diving into the ATTOM Rental AVM, Sean describes how the estimates are derived, the accuracy of the valuations, geographic coverage and product type options, as well as how often the data is updated.

Sean also looks at an array of use cases for the Rental AVM, from investment analysis and market analytics to content for portals, and investment loan verification, as well as various delivery options, including bulk data licensing, the ATTOM Cloud platform, API, and ATTOM Property Reports.

Also, during this webinar, Sean presents the key features for the ATTOM AVM, including how those estimates are derived, confidence scores and Forecast Standard Deviations (FSD), as well as the accuracy of the valuations, coverage and product type options.

Sean also explores multiple use cases for the ATTOM AVM, ranging from customer acquisition and sales processes, operations and analytics initiatives, to mortgage, insurance and appraisal management, as well as real estate portals.

Other key takeaways from this webinar, include a deep dive into ATTOM’s Assessor Tax and Market Values, how those datasets are used, delivered and updated, as well as ATTOM’s Home Equity and Comparable Sales datasets.

This webinar also provides an overview of ATTOM’s core value proposition and breadth of data solutions. ATTOM is the one-stop shop for premium property data fueling innovation, ATTOM provides analytics-ready data for real-world applications. ATTOM blends property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard and neighborhood data for more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties, multi-sourced from more than 3,000 U.S. counties. ATTOM’s property data fuels growth across many industries to help drive decisions while delivering data in a variety of flexible customer solutions, including bulk data licensing, property data APIs and introducing ATTOM Cloud.

ATTOM’s robust property data is leveraged by customers to innovate in a variety of industries, including Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgage, Marketing, Government and Academia. By utilizing ATTOM’s robust property data, ATTOM clients not only create innovation but gain that competitive advantage within their industries. End-users of the data include developers, data scientists, risk managers, investors, policymakers and analysts. Discover ATTOM’s Table of Data Elements.

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