Many people feel intimidated and overwhelmed at the prospect of acquiring home insurance. Do they have the right information on their home? How much will it cost? How drawn out will the application process be? Will they be protected when the time comes to make a claim?

Luckily, verified tax assessor data can help simplify and enhance the early-stage customer journey.

As a home insurer, having access to the right data is essential to helping you to calculate insurance premiums. Tax assessor data is key to help you calculate property insurance policies accurately.

From identifying and verifying a property’s location to getting in-depth details on a home’s characteristics, tax assessor data is a brilliant starting point for generating home insurance policies.

In this post, we explore how home insurance companies can use ATTOM’s tax assessor data to undertake thorough premiums calculations and early-stage risk assessments for home insurance policyholders.

Increase Customer Satisfaction Rates

By utilizing county assessor data you can automate much of the early-stage customer journey, reliably calculating premiums and customer risk. The right data is fundamental to helping you save time and ensure you provide fast, reliable results for customers. Home insurance applications are notoriously lengthy and tax assessor data can help cut down on time by providing the right property data from the beginning of the process.

Moreover, having access to comprehensive data on properties means that you don’t have to bombard clients with questions about their home and risk level, protecting your customer satisfaction rates. Tax assessor data gives you access to a range of verified data that can be used to accurately calculate home insurance premiums and risk.

Get Access to Accurate Property Data

In addition, tax assessor data provides reliable information on a property. Including a verified address, values and taxes, interior and exterior property characteristics, and more. Often, homeowners may not be knowledgeable about their property or may mistakenly provide misinformation about their home.

Unreliable information can negatively impact the accuracy of your home insurance premiums and risk calculations. ATTOM offers verified, multi-sourced tax assessor data that you can rely on.

When you utilize tax assessor data, you provide your customers with peace of mind. Customers don’t have to rely on their own knowledge or memory to provide the correct information for their home insurance claim. When their policies are based on reliable data, customers can feel confident that they will be protected in the case of an emergency or any damage to their home, which builds trust in you as an insurer.

By advertising yourself as a data-first home insurer, you immediately boost prospective customers’ perception of you as a trustworthy provider that can effectively handle their case.

The ATTOM advantage

Our comprehensive tax assessor data covers over 155 million properties in more than 3,000 counties across the USA. ATTOM’s county assessor data provides in-depth insights across properties throughout America.

Our tax assessor records cover:

  • Address – property address and owner mailing address
  • Property identification – assessor’s Parcel Number and FIPS code
  • Property ownership – homeowner and exemptions, ownership rights, vesting details, and individual, company, and trust identifiers
  • Property characteristics – including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, rooms, square footage, lot details and interior and exterior features
  • Legal description – block and lot, section-township-range, and subdivision and tract
  • Values and taxes – Land, improvement, and total, the amount of tax paid, and assessed, appraised, and market values

In addition, ​​you can seamlessly host our nationwide property datasets directly on your servers with our Bulk Data Delivery solution. We developed our Bulk Data Delivery solution to fuel risk assessment analytics platforms.

The Value of County Assessor Data

Tax assessor data is a great place to start when calculating insurance premiums for customers. Get the insights you need into U.S. homes and speed up and simplify your calculations and customers’ early-stage experiences with you with ATTOM’s market leading tax assessor data.

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