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We are a provider of vacation rental market data for the short-term rental property industry. Our reporting and analytics tool provides our customers with data on the short-term rental market.

Previously, we sourced real estate data from a range of different sources. But the expense and time this took began to add up – we were looking for a simpler solution. We turned to ATTOM to provide us with real-time data on the short-term rental market.

About Us: A Data and Analytics Provider for the Short-Term Rental Market

We service a range of customers in the short-term rental industry. From vacation rental owners, who predominantly use our data to develop insights into how their properties are performing and compare their performance with competitors in the industry, to investors looking to assess market trends to deduce the best investment opportunities.

Our customers come to us looking for more insight into how short-term rental homes are performing. Our customers include a wide range of professionals and businesses. They typically include vacation rental owners, property managers, short-term rental investors, and hotels.

We’ve built our reputation on providing a one-stop source for comprehensive and accurate data on the short-term rental market. We offer our customers advanced metrics on key performance indicators for rental properties across the U.S.

As the data we provide our customers is real-time, as well as historic, we needed a provider who could offer us accurate, up-to-date real estate data – as well as robust historic data on short-term rentals across the U.S.

Why We Picked ATTOM as Our Property Data Provider

We turned to ATTOM for comprehensive property data on the short-term rental industry. ATTOM provides property data on more than 155 million U.S. properties and cover 99% of the population.

Discussing our needs with the company, we found that ATTOM ingests more data than leading market competitors. In addition, ATTOM also ensure their data’s accuracy through their rigorous Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP) that involves a thorough 20-step process that validates, standardizes, and enhances the real estate data they collect.

ATTOM also stood out to us as they offer flexible solutions for data delivery. We chose ATTOM’s Property Data API, which consolidates property data including – tax, deed, mortgage and foreclosure data with neighborhood-centric data – including data on points of interest, the local community and demographic, crime, and more. As such, this solution enables us to provide our customers with in-depth and complete insights into short-term rental properties and their neighborhoods.

ATTOM’s property data API allows us to provide trustworthy, direct source data to our customers. This data provides our customers with insights into a property and its characteristics and wider market trends – allowing for visibility into the earning potentials of prospective investments and the KPIs of properties already owned by our customers.

With ATTOM’s Residential Property API, we can easily request property data a property address, ATTOM ID, or parcel number – offering in-depth data on both specific properties and the wider property market.

We also gravitated towards ATTOM for their excellent customer service and collaborative approach to helping us meet our business needs. We were personally assigned a member of ATTOM’s technical support team who guided us through the API set-up and continues to support us when any issues arise.

Simplifying Property Data for the Short-Term Rental Market with ATTOM

Since partnering with ATTOM Data Solutions, we’ve simplified data sourcing – freeing up time and resources within the company. We’ve been impressed by the comprehensiveness of ATTOM’s property data, as well as their supportive customer service.

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