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As a loan broker targeting companies, borrowers, and investors, we are always looking for new ways to market our services and draw in new prospects. As one of our foundational customer segments, marketing to investors is always high on our list of business priorities.

To draw in new investor leads, we rely on real-time, exhaustive data on the housing market and prospective investment opportunities for our marketing campaigns. In this post, we explore how we use ATTOM’s real estate data to market to investors looking to flip properties.

How We Market to Residential Real Estate Investors

Investors are one of our key audiences. To build our authority with them and draw in more leads, we focus on data-centric marketing initiatives that provide them with accurate, real-time data on the real estate market and home flipping trends across the U.S.

One of our key strategies for targeting investors in our marketing initiatives is to provide value-centric, informative information on the property market in our content marketing, email marketing, and direct mail campaigns.

As a curator of one of the nation’s most comprehensive property databases, providing information on 99% of the real estate market, we turn to ATTOM to provide us with comprehensive, accurate property data that we can use to target investors.

Targeting Investors with ATTOM’s National Flip Reports

We turn to ATTOM’s National Flip Reports to help target investors. ATTOM’s National Flip Reports provide detailed information on home flipping profit trends each quarter. ATTOM’s National Flip Reports allow us to provide thorough insights into the housing market for investors – revealing the impact that the latest property market trends will have on investor profits and opportunities in relation to flipping properties, such as the markets that are currently providing home flippers with the greatest returns on their investments.

ATTOM’s home flipping reports analyze home sales deeds. They typically offer transparency into home flipping trends, at a range of geography levels – from the national and state level to metropolitan statistical areas – from Boston, MA to San Antonio, TX. The breadth of ATTOM’s property data at each geographical level ensues that investors have a thorough look at the housing market and current home-flipping trends – allowing them to easily identify home flipping hot spots and struggling markets.

ATTOM also provide us with a granular look at the key prospective home-flipping investments that are of most interest to the investors we target and work with, including all-cash flip purchases and distressed purchased flips.

These insights allow us to position ourselves as a go-to authority on home flipping trends, strengthening our brand authority among investors, strengthening relationships with our current clients in the investment space, and allowing us to attract new leads.

The ATTOM Solution

ATTOM’s property data has helped position us a leading resource for investors looking to flip properties across the U.S. We regularly use this data in our marketing initiatives, using it to strengthen existing client relationships and draw in new leads from this all-important market.

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