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A Detailed House Flipping Market Analysis

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A Breakdown of the U.S. House Flipping Report

ATTOM’s home flipping report analyzes home sales deeds at various geography levels. ATTOM considers a home flipper to be a person or entity that has bought and sold a single-family home or condo flip within the last 12 months. Once home flippers have been identified, ATTOM goes even deeper to uncover possible trends on where home flippers are flipping as well as markets that are giving home flippers the greatest returns for their investment.

The gross flipping profit is the difference between the purchase price and the flipped price (not including rehab costs and other expenses incurred, which flipping veterans estimate to run between 20 percent and 33 percent of the property’s after repair value). Gross flipping return on investment is calculated by dividing the gross flipping profit by the first sale (purchase) price.

ATTOM’s House Flipping Market Analysis Highlights

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