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As a popular moving company providing nationwide relocation services, we have a number of moving demands from people and businesses to juggle. In order to meet customer needs, we require streamlined, reliable processes and data. We turned to ATTOM to help enhance our standard processes and improve the quality of our data. Read on to find out more about how we rely on ATTOM to simplify the moving process and improve our customer satisfaction rates.

Better Customer Satisfaction Rates with ATTOM’s Property and Neighborhood Data

Moving people and businesses from property to property demands an in-depth understanding of each location and each property involved in the move. In order to keep customers informed, quote customers accurately, and make sure the move goes as smoothly as possible – we rely on ATTOM’s community, points of interest, and property data.

We depend on ATTOM to ensure we provide our customers with accurate moving quotes. Their neighborhood data allows us to assess and reliably predict factors such as traffic patterns and density, as well as population size – both of which have a huge impact on the length of time and cost of the move.

Being able to provide our customers with a verifiable quote also helps us guarantee that there will be no added surprise fees after a move is complete – helping us to strengthen our relationship with customers and ensure repeat business. ATTOM-powered data analytics also allow us to offer a precise timeline for a move – helping to reduce clients’ anxiety before a stressful move. This provides a further boost to our customer loyalty.

Improved Logistics with ATTOM’s Demographic Data

We also rely on ATTOM’s real-time logistics data to streamline the moving process. ATTOM enables us to enhance our logistics, as their data integrates well with our existing infrastructure – ensuring we can regularly update our API. We use ATTOM’s demographic data to gain insights into the location of each property involved in a move.

We also use ATTOM’s property characteristics data to identify property characteristics that may impact a move in terms of expenses and timelines, such as the number of floors in an apartment block. This allows our staff members to better plan and prepare for every move – guaranteeing they have all the equipment they need.

Relying on ATTOM’s Property Data API

We use ATTOM’s property data API (Application Program Interface) to easily integrate ATTOM’s comprehensive community, POI, and property characteristics datasets with our existing infrastructure.

With ATTOM’s API, we can confidentially target specific properties for more information. As ATTOM’s community and property data covers approximately 99% of the U.S. population, we have never had any issues retrieving data on a particular property involved in a move.

We’ve also been impressed by ATTOM’s support services – we were assigned one of ATTOM’s technical support team members, who walked us through setup and how best to apply the ATTOM solution to best meet our needs.

The Benefits of ATTOM for Relocation Services

ATTOM’s community and property data has gone a long way in improving our customer satisfaction rates and making the moving process as efficient as possible. The ease of which ATTOM’s API integrates with our existing infrastructure ensures that we always have access to the real-time data we need when undertaking moves.

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This is a theoretical use case informed by the very real ways our clients use ATTOM’s property and community data.

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