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Data Solutions for Trucking, Moving, & Storage Companies

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Guide Clients in Their Relocation Decisions

Moving is stressful and complex. ATTOM’s comprehensive property data sets provide the information trucking and moving services need to guide clients through the relocation process. Data analytics allow for precise estimates of a relocation experience including the costs of shipping items, storage, and the timeline for a move. Intelligent solutions based on extensive community data accurately calculate the cost of a move so that clients have peace of mind before they embark on a relocation journey.

  • Quickly find the locations of origin and delivery property addresses with nationwide geocode data, for efficient moves.
  • Provide accurate moving quotes to clients based on community characteristics, such as traffic patterns and density, road quality, and population.
  • Assess and quote accurate shipping costs for clients based on location.
  • Provide employees and workers who need to relocate with up-to-date information on communities, schools, home values, and businesses.
  • Provide relocation solutions on your platform so that users can calculate costs.
  • Identify property characteristics such as whether it is a house or apartment, the number of floors, and ease of access for accurate relocation costs and timelines.

Control Every Phase of the Relocation Process

Moving people and businesses from one location to another requires full knowledge of each location, the characteristics of each location, and the details of the properties. The costs associated with trucking, moving, and storage vary depending on the complexities of the logistics. Rely on ATTOM’s data warehouse to power your solutions so that your clients and workers are as informed as they can possibly be.

Benefits for trucking, moving, and storage platforms

  • A reputation as a data provider of outstanding professional services based on real-time logistics data.
  • Satisfied and loyal clients.
  • Greater efficiencies in logistics based on extensive data.
  • Increased ROI.
  • Provide the utmost in relocation advice and services.

Provide Digital Age Trucking Services for Property Owners

With ATTOM’s property data solutions, clients can book your service in minutes, without an in-home consultation. Our technology uses the data from hundreds of thousands of moves to build a tailor-made plan based on neighborhoods, the size of your home, and the items that need to be moved.

  • With ATTOM, help clients navigate the relocation process from selling a home and preparing for relocation to arrival.
  • Manage clients’ expectations with accurate pricing that creates a smooth and efficient customer experience.

How Can Trucking, Moving, & Storage Platforms Use ATTOM?

Distressed Property Owners

Accurately estimate costs

Know your costs upfront, avoid surprises, provide more accurate quotes, and better serve clients.

New Borrowers

Plan Logistics

Understand the characteristics of properties and communities so that you can better allocate equipment and labor.

Financial Services

Inform clients and guide them through the process

In-depth knowledge of geographic areas and communities gives a clearer picture of the relocation complexities.

Financial Services

Develop cutting-edge logistic solutions

ATTOM’s data integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, so you can constantly update your API. 

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