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We are a B2C marketing company who help our customers target new customers and retain their current customer base with a data-centered business platform. We provide a range of data-based services in the marketing sector, including: SIC & NAICS search, email verification, data monetization, real estate skip tracing, email append and phone append solutions, mailing lists, and more.

We recently partnered with ATTOM to provide us with reliable pre-foreclosure data for our pre-foreclosure mailing lists. We share more about our experience below – read on to find out more.

Powering One of Our Most Popular Solutions: Our Pre-Foreclosure Mailing Lists

Our mailing lists are one of our most popular solutions. We are known for the accuracy of our mailing lists – ensuring our customers have access to the data they need on potential customers.

Many real estate professionals come to us for pre-foreclosure lists. Customers seek out our pre-foreclosure mailing lists for a variety of reasons – from investors looking to use to target distressed property owners for property flipping to real estate agents looking for motivated home sellers.

Why We Turned to ATTOM for Pre-Foreclosure Data

Our customers rely on us for accurate data, and it’s of the highest importance that the data that informs our mailing lists is reliable, verified, and up to date. We turned to ATTOM for their excellent reputation for providing accurate, real-time real estate data.

ATTOM is one of the best-known pre-foreclosure and foreclosure data providers in the real estate industry – making them a top choice for our company in our search for a reliable solution to power our database.

They were also a strong contender as a real estate data provider due to the comprehensiveness of their property data. ATTOM cover 155 million parcels and over 99% of the U.S. population. They currently provide one of the largest data footprints available from any other property data provider but their customer service is top notch. This comprehensiveness and easy to work with mentality, immediately made them a stand-out option for our team.

ATTOM provides pre-foreclosure data that’s ideal for powering our mailing lists, including: Notices of Default, Lis Pendens, Auction, and Bank-owned properties. ATTOM supply up-to-date nationwide pre-foreclosure – offering granular details that are of high interest to our diverse customer base, such as: the address and geo-location of a property, the type of foreclosure, the auction date, recording date, and more.  This invaluable data forms of leading pre-foreclosure mailing lists that our customers use to target owners of distressed properties in the direct marketing initiatives.

In addition, ATTOM’s customer support has been invaluable in helping us quickly set up and for ensuring a hiccup-free experience throughout our partnership with them.  ATTOM provides us with ongoing advice and support and are genuinely invested in our company’s long-term success.

ATTOM: Our Trusted Pre-Foreclosure Data Provider

From property investors to real estate agents, our customers depend on us for some of the most accurate pre-foreclosure mailing lists in the industry. In order to ensure our customers are satisfied with our service, we looked to ATTOM to provide us with real time, verified, and highly accurate pre-foreclosure data to power our pre-foreclosure mailing list solution.

We’ve been impressed by the comprehensiveness and accuracy of ATTOM’s pre-foreclosure data, as well as their excellent customer support.

Interested in learning more about ATTOM’s pre-foreclosure data or other real estate data? As a leading provider of nationwide property data, we can provide you with comprehensive insights into the real estate market. Get in touch to discuss the needs of your company and how we can help here.

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