Marketing their services has always been a bit hit or miss for mortgage companies. With most traditional marketing tactics, such as relying on agent referrals or leveraging an email list, there is little guarantee of reaching a borrower who is both ready to take out a new loan and financially able to do so.

However, finding prospective borrowers has become even tougher in the wake of the pandemic. Numerous local markets are still suffering from high rates of unemployment and joblessness, leaving many residents unable to meet the criteria necessary to be approved for a new loan. Unfortunately, from a lender perspective, marketing to those areas often only places unfair expectations on both the would-be borrowers and the mortgage providers themselves.

ATTOM Cloud, a new data delivery service from ATTOM, has set out to do away with much of this uncertainty by helping mortgage professionals analyze current mortgage origination data in order to gain insights on how to navigate the post-pandemic landscape. One such insight is the ability to zero in on those markets that have been most resilient in the wake of the pandemic and are most likely to have qualified borrowers.

As the mortgage industry’s most robust data solution, ATTOM Cloud blends origination data, such as location information, lender type, loan term, interest rate, and grantor and grantee name into curated data sets that can be accessed at any time in order to help you make informed decisions about how to target market to your ideal consumer.

Why choose ATTOM Cloud as your data delivery solution?

Aside from the wide breadth of information it provides, what sets ATTOM Cloud apart from its competitors is its convenience and ease of use. For example, while many other data delivery services require consumers to subscribe to third-party services in order to access their data sets, ATTOM prides itself on providing secure, reliable access via your desktop computer or a mobile app. There’s no additional subscriptions or software required.

Yet, in addition to simply providing mortgage providers with the relevant data they need to market to only the most qualified borrowers, ATTOM Cloud also provides a comprehensive data guide that explains how to use the information that they access via the server.

Plus, ATTOM’s data is updated daily, which means that you’re gaining access to the most up-to-date real estate data available.  Armed with this knowledge you’ll be much better suited to refine and retool your marketing strategy than your peers who are still relying on monthly, industry-wide reports to make their decisions about how to navigate this new economy.

Using ATTOM Cloud to find qualified borrowers

Today’s mortgage industry is trickier to navigate than ever before, which means that traditional marking methods are far less likely to deliver the desired results. Not only can ATTOM Cloud provide you with the insights you need to find qualified buyers in today’s ever-changing financial landscape, but it can also deliver them all to you at the touch of a button, regardless of where you happen to be or the device you happen to be using.

Ready to see how this product can transform your next marketing push? You can sign up for a limited, 30-day free trial of ATTOM Cloud in just a few minutes.

This is a theoretical use case informed by the very real ways our clients use ATTOM’s property data.

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