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Power Your Search with ATTOM List

Real Estate agents are well aware of the wealth of information at their fingertips. But what many don’t know is how best to apply that data to convert leads to sales. Data must be parsed, manipulated, and organized if it is to be of value. ATTOM List is the tool that will power your real estate lead generation and marketing efforts, saving time and energy.

Capitalize lead generation, control the market

ATTOM List is a unique real estate marketing list tool that gives you the ability to create optimal marketing lists that no one else has. ATTOM List’s data footprint spans over 155 million properties, covering 99% of the U.S. population. By drilling down on specific factors, and excluding others, your marketing is powerful, targeted, and designed to generate leads. Find pre-foreclosures before competitors, identify out-of-state or absentee owners motivated to sell, and spot trends in the markets where you do business to stay one step ahead.

Find your edge with ATTOM data.

Why ATTOM List Is an Elemental but Essential Tool for Real Estate Marketers

Real Estate agents nationwide use data to power their campaigns. To stay ahead, you need a tool that is a level above other methods. ATTOM List offers broad data but presents it in a way that makes sense so that you can convert knowledge to action:

Find pre-foreclosures

Identify motivated out-of-state owners/absentee owners

Locate vacant/absentee combo properties

Don’t make blind decisions when it comes to real estate. Be informed and be confident.

Create What Others Can’t

ATTOM’s platform is versatile, comprehensive, reliable, and unique. Differentiate your services from your competitors, increase your conversions, and boost your visibility in a fierce market with ATTOM List.

The Power of ATTOM Marketing List for Real Estate Agents

Insurance Companies

Access to a broad market overview with the latest data covering 99% of the nation’s population

Insurance Companies

The ability to build your own marketing lists and develop your own unique approach.


Optimize your time and effort


Find the leads that count.

What Will You Build With ATTOM?

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