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As a home insurance provider in a competitive market, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customer experience for improved customer engagement and retention rates. In the shake-up of digital disruption, service providers have rushed to meet consumer needs instantly through technology to keep an edge on the competition, and our home insurance prospects and customers expect no less when it comes to insurance technology and services.

While several industries embracing this move to fulfilling customer needs quickly and efficiently through technology, insurance still falls behind. As an insurance provider, we’ve overhauled each of our processes to ensure our customers have as smooth an experience as possible. As one of the top data vendors, we use ATTOM’s property data to help speed-up and simplify the registration process. In this post, we dive into how matching real estate and insurance data with our sales processes has helped bring about a better user experience for our customers.

Improving Our Insurance Sales Processes with Accurate Property Data

Being a market competitor, one of our key priorities is ensuring that we can deliver our customers accurate quotes as quickly as possible. Consequently, we rely on ATTOM to deliver reliable property data in real time.

ATTOM’s reliable, high-quality real estate data allows users to fill in forms quickly, so that we can provide them with an almost instant, accurate quote. We use ATTOM to collect insurance data on our customers, which is programmed to fill in our customer registration forms using auto-fill functionality. Following on from this, the data is then verified by customers, and we subsequently use this information to provide a reliable quote for home insurance. As such, ATTOM’s property data allows us to meet customer expectations for a qui­­­­­­ck delivery on insurance quotes. 

ATTOM’s assessor, AVM value, loan information, property data, and other key datasets are used to fill in our forms and enhance the customer experience with a highly-convenient sales process. Since utilizing ATTOM, this has reduced customer frustration and improved retention rates, with customers filling in our home insurance forms approximately 30% faster than on average. In addition, ATTOM’s data has helped us to fill in gaps in our customers knowledge, such as information on electrical systems and building materials used within a home – helping us to provide more accurate quotes.

We receive our property data through ATTOM’s Property Data API. Currently known as the most comprehensive provider of real estate and property data on the market, we’ve been impressed by the breadth of the data that is  offered. ATTOM’s data warehouse covers more than 155 million properties nationwide and 99% of the U.S. population – a comprehensiveness which none of the other property data service providers we approached could match.

Keeping Insurance Customers Happy with ATTOM

From taxi apps to Netflix, our customers have everything they need at their fingertips. And they also expect the fulfillment of their needs quickly and efficiently when it comes to applying for home insurance. ATTOM has helped us to meet the needs of our insurance customers in the digital era, to find out more about their services, contact a member of their friendly team here.

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