From the Zillow API to the REalyse API, there are several paid and free real estate APIs to choose from. At ATTOM, we offer one of the leading real estate APIs (application programming interfaces) on the market. As one of the most comprehensive real estate data providers in the industry, offering an in-depth look at 155 million U.S. properties and 99% of the U.S. population.

Whether you’re a real estate broker, real estate agent, investor, marketer, or other professional interested in the housing market, you can access premium, real-time property and neighborhood data with ATTOM’s 30-day free API key — are you ready to start building?

In this post, we provide an introduction to the ATTOM API, give you a more detailed look at its capabilities, and explore how it can be used to meet the needs of our clients.

ATTOM’s Property Data API

ATTOM’s Property Data API gives you immediate access to more than 155 million records, tax figures, valuations, and more on properties across the U.S.. ATTOM’s Property Data API integrates property-centered tax, deed, mortgage, and foreclosure data with neighborhood, school, crime, and community data — giving businesses throughout the sectors in-depth and granular insights into the property market and local communities.

What is an API used for in real estate?

Our clients leverage the ATTOM’s real estate data API for a number of uses, such as lenders looking to help their clients fill in forms with pre-populated information — such as an address. Moreover, investors that use our API to compare real estate data, such as local property values, sales history, crime rates and demographics, and rental rates in order to make data-informed investment decisions.

ATTOM’s property data API in action

Built for easy use by developers and other users, ATTOM’s API platform supports both XML and JSON formats running REST conventions. You can use our API to undertake both  on-demand and ad-hoc requests for targeting individual properties.

Our platform users can request detailed, real-time property data with just a property addresses, parcel number, or coordinates. As such, ATTOM’s property data enables you to easily integrate real estate data with your website, software, or application.

ATTOM’s property data API: a use case (previously Foresight Information Services) is an investigative tool that provides its users with a range of information, including transaction verification data, civil and criminal court data, and income and social security verification data.

They use ATTOM’s API data as a platform for loan risk models — enabling banks and mortgage resellers to undertake a thorough risk analysis on a customer application in order to process their loan. ATTOM’s property data API provides the team’s clients with invaluable data on property foreclosures, property sales history, and sales prices. With some clients processing up to 30 transactions per month.

When asked how ATTOM compared with s previous real estate data API provider, James W. Waters, Founder and CEO explained, “Not even a comparison. It’s sitting on the wing of an aircraft versus sitting in first class. At the end of the day, that was what really convinced me. You rarely have people like me that will write in or call in and say, ‘You guys are doing a great job.’”

ATTOM’s 30-day free property API

Clients like Century 21, Corcoran, and SetSchedule rely on the ATTOM API to power their solutions with accurate real estate data. ATTOM’s Property Data API is known for its comprehensive data sets and the leading customer service that accompanies it. An initial trial gives you access to ATTOM’s developer sandbox and our extensive knowledge base.

After you become an ATTOM client, you’ll have on-call access to one of our specialist technical support team members, who can help support you in best using our API to meet your business objectives.

At ATTOM, we offer a free API key for 30 days. Interested? Get in touch with a member of our team. Email us or Call 800.462.5125.

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