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“ATTOM’s bulk data is our cornerstone.” – Thomas Gamble, CEO, TK Interactive

For most real estate agents, the process of finding their next seller listing is equivalent to throwing all their efforts against a wall and seeing what sticks. However, some have started taking a more targeted approach to prospecting and lead generation with help from TK Interactive.

While TK Interactive has been part of the software technology industry since 2002, the Philadelphia-based company expanded its offering of custom development and support to creating SaaS based products in the early 2010’s. Since then, they have come out with two main productized offerings, one of which is nSkope, a predictive prospecting and lead generation tool.

The nSkope platform utilizes data and machine learning to help take the guesswork out of prospecting, targeting, and categorizing seller leads. At its core, nSkope’s proprietary algorithm works to identify those homeowners who are likely to sell in the near future. Then, going one step further, it also generates contextualized homeowner profiles, which agents can use to help tailor their marketing efforts.

“We can target a home before the homeowner even considers listing their home”, explains Gamble about the type of information that his product provides for real estate professionals. “We can say, ‘123 Main Street is about to go on the market, here’s the profile of the home and here’s how you should talk to the owner.’”

ATTOM serves as TK Interactive’s dominant partner in providing the influential data the platform uses to make its predictions. In particular, the company leverages neighborhood information such as crime statistics and school district data, real estate transaction information, home valuation data, and geographic insights.

According to Gamble, having access to this level of influential data can be a powerful tool when in the right hands. “The traditional conversion rate for cold calling is about 1%-2%,” he says. “Nationally, we’re averaging 5-7 times what traditional cold calling can yield and, in some cases, much higher using data that comes out of our platform.”

However, in Gamble’s mind, providing this level of data is just the beginning. He envisions that the next evolution of his product will continue to utilize Deep Learning against the data they have collected over the past few years to identify the trends that occurred or will occur in a particular market. Then, it will use those trends to make even more accurate predictions about which homeowners are poised to sell.

Gamble is confident that ATTOM will be right by TK Interactive’s side as they move forward. “They’re helping us grow as we do more, and I think, in some respects, we may even be pushing them forward. If we need a particular type of property data, we can bring the request to them and they’ll go find it.”

“That’s why the relationship has been so fruitful,” he admits. “They listen to us. If we bring them an idea, they’re willing to use their reach to help make it happen.”

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