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We provide local and long-distance moves across the U.S. As a large business, providing many relocations across different states, we are always looking for new ways to make our business run more efficiently to ensure we continue to maintain our reputation of excellent customer service. In this post, we explore how we use ATTOM’s property data to help us accomplish just that. Let’s dive in.

Meeting Customers’ Moving Needs More Effectively with ATTOM

Our customers come to us for an efficient, fast, and reliable moving solution. Moving is a stressful time for our customers and having the right property data to ensure a smooth, easy, and fast move from one property to another is fundamental in helping us deliver a timely and efficient service to our customers – ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ATTOM’s Property Data in Action: Simplifying the Business of Moving

We use ATTOM’s property data to help enhance and simplify our internal analytics – helping us to ensure a more efficient and dependable service for our customers. Here are some of the ways we use ATTOM in the running of our day-to-day business:

Identifying and Verifying Addresses

With the help of ATTOM’s property geocode data, we can easily identify the precise location of the address a customer is looking to move from, as well as the delivery address – validating any address our customers give us.

Accurately Calculating Moving Costs

We also use ATTOM’S property data to estimate the costs associated with moving from one location to another. ATTOM offers property data on more than 155 million U.S. residential properties nationwide – this includes precise latitude and longitude coordinates that are integral to accurate moving cost calculations.

This real estate data also enables us to provide an accurate quote to our leads – a fixed price that we can ensure reflects the time it will take to pack and move all of their belongings. This avoids the need for any surprise hidden fees that could reduce our customer satisfaction rates in the long run.

Simplifying Our Routes

ATTOM’s comprehensive data also allows us to easily map where each property is and identify the best route to take in order to decrease moving times. With ATTOM’s property data, we can better optimize our routes by accessing drive-time and drive distance zones and routing directions for each destination.

ATTOM’s Property Data for Moving

We rely on ATTOM to supply us with accurate data on every property involved in our moving process. This data has helped us ensure we have the right location, best route, and can provide accurate quotes to our leads.

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This is a theoretical use case informed by the very real ways our clients use ATTOM’s property data.

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